Emotions Set 2
Sims 3 — Emotions Set 2 by jessesue2 — Emotion Poses. Body Language Poses. Some Conversation Poses *23 poses in total

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RosemaryMarie VIP ∙ Apr 1, 2022

I love how many different situations you can use these for! They are great!

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Emotion Poses. Body Language Poses. Some Conversation Poses

*23 poses in total
*pose list and compatible

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Use of the moveobjects on cheat is necessary to move the sim against the wall. Poses are not designed to snap to couch, so you can place them wherever you want,.

Codes (start after the codes from pose set 1)

a_bmit_emotion24 (leaning on wall)
a_bmit_emotion25 (leaning on wall flat palms
a_bmit_emotion26 (leaning on couch end, angry)
a_bmit_emotion27 (leaning on couch end, pointing)
a_bmit_emotion28 (sitting on couch wiping tears)
a_bmit_emotion29 (hand on hip, annoyed)
a_bmit_emotion30 (sitting at table, hand on shoulder)
a_bmit_emotion31 (sitting at table, hands clasped at face)
a_bmit_emotion32 (sitting on couch, crying with hands raised)
a_bmit_emotion33 (hand on back of neck, mildly angry)
a_bmit_emotion34 (sitting on floor, hand on head)
a_bmit_emotion35 (hand on back of neck, laughing)
a_bmit_emotion36 (sitting on floor, wiping tears)
a_bmit_emotion37 (sitting on floor, crying with hands raised)
a_bmit_emotion38 (leaning on table edge, head down, hands on thighs)
a_bmit_emotion39 (leaning on table edge, hand on stomach, hand on mouth)
a_bmit_emotion40 (sitting on couch, hand on stomach, hand on mouth)
a_bmit_emotion41 (sitting on couch, hand on side of head)
a_bmit_emotion42 (sitting on couch, hands between legs)
a_bmit_emotion43 (sitting on couch, looking left)
a_bmit_emotion44 (same pose as 43, but looking down)
a_bmit_emotion45 (same as pose 43 but looking forward)
a_bmit_emotion46 (sitting on couch, arms crossed)

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