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Atlanta Decor Items AVAILABLE FOR ALL


Short URL:

Enjoy it! Padre

WCIF On Upcoming Creations

Hello all!

Every day I get asked where I got the hair, lipstick, eyebrows, etc.

I cannot answer all of them. I would be busy all day lol

From today on you will find every custom content that I used in my previews in the Recommended Tab.(For my upcoming creations)


Custom content that is outside of TSR will be specified in the description.


WCIF TV corner set

Hello Simmers :)

Here we go with the WCIF list of objects used to compose our TV corner screenshots:


'Jules' Dream in English by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Come Cozy' floor lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Solatium' books by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Squadros' wall art by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Calligaris' welcome  by SIMcredible @ TSR


'ScandiFever' fireplace by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Morning Tea decor' books by SIMcredible @

under bedrooms


'Granny's Greatest Hits' Glasses by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Zara' rug by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Naturalis Pantry' Shelf by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Modern Tribal' Plants & Books by SIMcredible @

under Dining rooms


'Nature In' Living green wall by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Dual channel' rug 2 by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Green Time' cactuses by SIMcredible @

under Outdoors


'Gardening Foyer' cactus by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Keep Life Simple Living' cushion and frame by SIMcredible @

under Living Rooms


'Vitra' decor fruits by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Warmy' Animal sculptures by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Keep Life Simple Entrance' bag by SIMcredible @

under Misc Rooms


'Naturalis Office' curtain Geometric by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Oh Reykjavik' Frames by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Hot Wind' column by SIMcredible @ TSR


'Lyne Curtains II' Medium Sheers 2x1 by NynaeveDesign @ TSR



Atlanta 1 Set is now available for all

Having spent a few weeks as VIP Early Access items, I am delighted to say it is free for everyone!

Short URL:

I do hope you like it. All the best, 


Invisible crib mod updated for game version 1.73 (15-may-2021). Added missing base skin tones for black babies.

COMMING SOON - Mystical Oasis

Mystical Oasis


Welcome to Mystical Oasis, Such a Paradise Spa, here you can relax and unwind.

There are yoga Classes every 20 or so minutes. Everyone is so friendly. Come get a massage and most of all just have a fun relaxing time. Did I mention there is also a gym.

How to create that detail of the Naturalis pantry room.


A simmer asked how to make that detail on the right corner of this image from the Naturalis pantry room.


So, here we go:

The column is from our Hot wind set and you can find it here:

The panel is actually a wall and you can find it here:

Since it's a wall, it will drop when you drop the walls. So, if you prefer an object that does not drop when wall falls down, you can use our Mix It separator ( - under bathrooms - 'Mix It!' set ). It looks gorgeous too (as you can see on this image):

In additional, the glass separator can be found here:

Hope you liked it :)

Happy simming!


Thank you for 50K!!!

Oh my!! I've just looked at my downloads!! Thank you guys so much for over 50k downloads! It really means so much to me that people actually like my content!! <3 

Thank you for 150.000 downloads


thank you at all for 150.000 Downloads of me recolor creations.♥

Credits to all Mesh-Creator on TSR, with the lovely and new stuff ♥♥ for the community.

And a big thank you for the TSR-Team ♥♥ for your help and support.

Have a nice time, happy simming.

bye Ws



WCIF Naturalis Kids and Nursery list

WCIF Naturalis Kids and Nursery list:

'Naturalis Nursery' set by SIMcredible @ TSR -

'Naturalis Toys & Extras' set by SIMcredible @ TSR -

'Naturalis Kids Room' set by SIMcredible @ TSR -

'Naturalis Kids decor' set by SIMcredible @ TSR -



'Spinning Joy' sheep by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Spinning Joy' cherry tree and birds by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Spinning Joy' toys by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Kids camping' bag by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Kids camping' paintings by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Kids camping' toy zebra by SIMcredible @ TSR

Pefume bottles from 'Modernism clutter' set

Under Bathrooms

'Rustiko' cushion by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Rustiko' soap glass by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Gloss' Boxes Pile by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Naturalis Office' flower by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Naturalis' Dried plant Poppy Seed Head by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Naturalis' Office plants by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Naturalis' plants by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Coastal' Hydrangeas in glass jar by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Athena' Little lamps by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Chlorophyll' minibike by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Chlorophyll' plant by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Morning tea' curtain: > left menu > bedrooms 

'Delicata' curtains by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Zara' lamps *for clothes rack* by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Bathroom Charms' cotton swabs by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Warmy' birds sculpture by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Teen Edition' books: > left menu > Kids / teens

'Natural Stone' 3 steps  by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Mix it!' separators and sectional table: > left menu > bathrooms 

'Hot wind' fern by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Squadros' plant by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Scandinavian Wall Set' by SimFabulous @ TSR

'Mountains wall' by Severinka @ TSR


Currently Working on...

I have almost completed my animal prints collection!! Only a few more items. Currently I have started working on my Leather and Lace collection. I can't wait to post some of my latest creations. It's alway exciting to see if others like them as much as I do...

Thank you!!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the support over the last few weeks! It has really meant a lot to me to see that so many people enjoy my content! Thank you so much for helping me become a Select Artist and I hope you enjoy my future content!! 

Content Not Showing Up in Game

HELP! I am new to TSR. My CC still won't show up in my game. I have put all the files in the right places and enabled CC in the game settings. Any advice?

I am back.. after almost two months..

Hello, Lauren here. I am finally back from my break. The reason I was on hiatus is because I was just busy with school and that stuff, and also I have a life outside of CC creating, and that life hasn't been that good for me lately, I took a break because of mental health issues and school. I hope you understand, and I will do my very best to drop all the content I owe you guys. I am sorry.. Also, being 15 years old, I have to manage my time between school and making content, so it has also been a challenge to manage both.. 

Not So Common Issues with CC Lots

Helpful Tips (I will update this post periodically as I come across more Q&A's)

  • Issue: SOME sims 4 cc won't show up
  • Potential Cause:
  • Issue: Disappearing Walls and Foundation
  • Potential Cause:  
*If it is one of my lots please try downloading, Pralinesims Foundation Pack.

Updates in Progress

Hello, Simmers. I am currently updating the Required Links for Lots and Rooms. Please be aware that when using the Download All button available to VIP Members only it does not include external links. Please download any required external links seperately, not doing so will cause lot(s) not to download properly. Remember apart from The Sims Resource I do not use any social media. Please feel free to DM me here should you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you so very much for your patience and support.

Antoinette - ALG Builds

Recoloured Wall Light

Download it here while I figure out how to submit it!!AlqMkfMz5Coa0hXmmGdMaWSfOtY_?e=Bv7zOS

Flavia Dress - EARLY ACCESS. It will be free May 8, 2021.

Short vintage lace dress. It is named after Flavia de Luce, main character of detective novels by Alan Bradley.

75 swatches: gloomy, dusty, slightly bright and pastel colors.

Sims 4
Base game compatible
Teen to elder
Maxis Match.

Normal map,
Specular map,
Shadow map.

Lod0 - 4782 polygons
Lod1 - 3347 polygons
Lod2 - 1673 polygons
Lod3 - 1338 polygons

Custom thumbnail in CAS

Thanks to all CC creators for the CC used in the preview: Hair - Candysims4, Savvy.Sweet. Shoes - Tunayegit. Nails - Redheadsims. Another shoes - my "Cute victorian boots".

Download on my Patreon 

Thankyou for 125.000 Downloads my TSR-Creations

Hi Simfans,

thankyou for your 125.000 Downloads my TSR-Creations. ;) :)
I like it to creat for Sims3 and Sims4, me new retro and vintage idears.

Thankyou the TSR-Team for your help and work.
More from me Downloads S3/S4 found you on
Happy Simming. bye Ws

I'm now a Featured Artist!

This is a big opportunity and I still can't believe that the staff actually promoted me.
I'm still speechless and can't really tell if this is a dream or reality.
All I can say is: Thank y'all so so soooo much! Without you guys this wouldn't be possible. Thank you to all the downloaders, to my friends, to the TSR staff, to every artist who helped me with problems, for the support in general. Really guys, this is insane. You people rock <3 Thank you so much.

what I did for myself

Since I have been diagnosed with disc herniation, I've quit smoking and I'm never smoking again. My doctor ordered me to quit smoking due to that diagnosis that I have since I lost some weight and I'm doing physical therapy. I haven't seen a chiropractor for a while since I have been ordered to get an MRI exam and I did. Hopefully, I'd recover completely doing physical therapy exercises and learning to walk normally again and to sit up and stand straight again. Hopefully, I'd get my own place and adopt a cat from the place where it says 'free kittens' at the glasscase. I'd name the cat Sox.


MEET - Jax

Jax is a DSH (Domestic Short Hair)

She is so sweet, playful and loving. This Princess will always be by your side.

I hope you love her too as much as I do. She was created to look like my actual real cat who's name is Jax.



MEET - King

King is a Puma

I have made this adorable and handsome Puma. He is so affectionate but can be territorial. 

He is obviously only standard cat size but that means you can cuddle him in your arms forever.

I am so happy to be adding my first ever Exotic Pet.


MEET - Cleo

Cleo is a Maincoon

She is so playful and loving. This Princess is Loyal and will always be by your side.

I hope you love her too as much as I do. She was created to look like my bestfriends actual real kitten who's name is Cleo.

INTRODUCING - Bruce McGirvan

MEET - Bruce

Bruce is a Mastiff x BullMastiff

He is so playful and loving. This Prince is Loyal but gets scared sometimes however he will always be by your side.

I hope you love him too as much as I do. He was created to look like my bestfriends actual real dog who's name is Bruce.

INTRODUCING - Mercedes Thomas

MEET - Mercedes

Mercedes is a Rotterman x Labrador (Rotterman = Rottweiler x Dobermann Pinscher)

She is so playful and loving. This Princess is Loyal and will always be by your side.

I hope you love her too as much as I do. She was created to look like my actual real dog who's name is Mercedes.


ALL OF MY BABY CC PRIOR TO NIFTY KNITTING UPDATE IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH GAME IF YOU DID NOT UPDATE. IT WILL STILL WORK WITH BASE GAME. I'm trying to create new baby cc a little at a time for those sims 4 precious babies who have been updated. Do to personal issues and circumstances beyond my control I can't update the old baby content. I sincerely applogize for any inconvenience this has caused for those who have. I have created 1 new baby cc thats been released 4/11/2020 and have had absolutely no issues with it but again it's only for updated game. Thank you for all the love you have shown in downloading my baby cc it really upsets me I do not like disappointing those who take the time and down load my work. You keep me wanting to do better each time.

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td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}

Fixed chairs 8 april 2021

today, fixed all my chairs.

If there is still a problem do not hesitate to tell me.

Happy simming!


Sims 4 Pets (Fur Extraction)

Hey Everyone,

How have you all been??

By now I assume that you have seen my Pet creations, I am wanting to do more with it all.

I was hoping to create Fur that actually looks like fur with more definition.

If anyone has any idea on how to extract fur from the sims 4 I would love if you could let me know,

This way I can create custom content for Pets.


OK so i havent posted in a while, and have a love hate relationship with this game. 

At present, im currently working on a whole new little build for holiday destingations, so im just wondering if there is any creators that would be able to help in creating some custom clothes for the SIMS 2.

Looking to have the Virgin Atlantic uniform created and if anyone is able to create this that would be much appriciated as i have no idea how to do custome clothes etc.

Back at Simming ;)

Hi everyone,

After many many years of not playing The Sims I finally gave in the temptation of Sims 4. At the moment I am enjoying, exploring and learning to play the game very much, but I hope to start creating again too in the near future. Life is really busy right now, we are renovating the house we bought and hope to move in by the end of may. After that I can use some relaxation by creating for The Sims ;)

It is great to see so many creators from previous Sims versions still around and creating awesome things. I am so in awe by everything I have seen and downloaded. I hope everyone is doing well and healthy.

Love and hugs :wub: 


Join My Discord!!

🌺 Happy Easter 🌺

Misa Hair ReColors

Misa Hair (Bicolor) ReColor

Hi, I uploaded the Misa hair recolors (mono- and bicolors) to my patreon:

Misa Hair (Monocolor) ReColor

It will be patreon exclusive till 27.04.2021! But then recolors become 100% free.

Monocolor have 30 variations and Bicolor have 25.

1 million downloads!

Omg, thank you for all who are downloaded my cc! It makes me really happy <3 

Sooooo.... send some requests! 

April Updates

It feels like a joke but things are geting started. 

I've finally made a Tumblr, you can find me here: SarUiN's tUmbLR

I've pretty much got the idea of what is inapproprtate to upload onto TSR so anthing too risque will be linked from my Tumblr to another place where it can be downloaded from, aka Sim File Share. 

I'm so excited beacuse this really opens up the content I can create and I don't have to worry anymore about PG restrictions here. Not that I have made anything spicy, just that even more rules are in place as to what is appropriate for this site and it's a bit stifling already.

If you're a fan of my stuff I highly suggest you follow me on tumblr since here and there are the primary places I'll be active. I'm still considering making a patreon, just for some extra incentives. Maybe one day I'll create an instagram and expand even further but I'm like a grandma who can't operate a phone when it comes to social media... I need time and patience lol.

top scars in the sims

yknow what i'm really disappointed about? i've found many different kinds of scars on this site, and i love them. but what i really wish i could find are top surgery scars. maybe the majority of people on this site are cis, i don't know. but it really makes me wish i knew how to mod lol.

29/03/2021 Update - Easter Break

Hi everyone! ♥

Hope you are all doing ok!

I have 2 small announcements to make today. One is happy, one is pretty sad.

And I will start with the sad one.

I am pretty badly burnt out. Creating content non-stop for over a year took quite a large toll on me health-wise and I am in desperate need of some break. For the last year I was delivering you 20-21 creations (both build and CAS) monthly which takes pretty much my whole month prior to release. On top of that I have few personal ventures alongside TSR creating which from time to time leave me with no spare time at all. Sometimes I work 2 weeks in row just make sure I deliver new content to you guys. My body is unfortunately not handling it very well - both mentally and physically. With my heaviest heart I need to stop for a while to recover. From today (29.03.2021) until next Monday (05.04.2021) there will be no new content here or on my socials. That also means that there will be less files to download as well - I planned only 14 creations to release, maybe if I will have some spare time - there will be one more that only needs new graphics to be made. I will probably stick with this plan for longer cause... (now's the happy news time)

... I'm opening a Patreon account! For a long, long time I want to share my rooms and some other CC content that doesn't line up best here on TSR (especially interior design - I use constantly high poly, external stuff that is not allowed to be shared here). I often get questions regarding the stuff I use (you can still lurk my blog post with WCIF) and now I will provide you the whole list with links to download ☺. I will most likely launch the account next Tuesday (06.04.2021), but I am not so sure yet. I highly recommend checking my Instagram for any updates. ☺

Thank you for reading and I wish you happy Easter (if you celebrate it) ♥

Much love,

♥♥ Caroll 


Regarding dining chairs / stools / office chairs after latest patch (March 2021)

Latest Headlines

Atlanta Decor Items AVAILABLE... WCIF On Upcoming Creations WCIF TV corner set Atlanta 1 Set is now available... INVISIBLE CRIB MOD UPDATED COMMING SOON - Mystical Oasis How to create that detail of the... Thank you for 50K!!! Thank you for 150.000 downloads WCIF Naturalis Kids and Nursery... Currently Working on... Thank you!! Content Not Showing Up in Game I am back.. after almost two... Not So Common Issues with CC Lots Updates in Progress Recoloured Wall Light Flavia Dress - EARLY ACCESS. It... Thankyou for 125.000 Downloads... I'm now a Featured Artist! what I did for myself INTRODUCING - Jax Thomas INTRODUCING - King Puma INTRODUCING - Cleo McGirvan INTRODUCING - Bruce McGirvan INTRODUCING - Mercedes Thomas ALL BABY CC PRIOR TO NIFTY... flats in kochi, builders in kochi Fixed chairs 8 april 2021 Sims 4 Pets (Fur Extraction) requests, Back at Simming ;) Discord 🌺 Happy Easter 🌺 Misa Hair ReColors 1 million downloads! April Updates top scars in the sims 29/03/2021 Update - Easter Break Regarding dining chairs / stools...
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