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how many jobs I work now

I work 3 jobs now. I work at the catholic high school since I started sometime in September. I am laid off due to the pandemic. Hopefully, I'd be back to work working 3 jobs. I clean tables at the catholic high school since I'm half Wiccan, half Catholic. My first workplace is paying me to wash tables, the school is not. I have worked so hard for my money that I hope to set up a direct deposit in my Chime account. I hope to get my W2 forms so I can write down my employee ID number.

Tips for Safely Browsing and Downloading Sims Resources

Tips for Safely Browsing and Downloading Sims Resources

All Sims players like to tweak and improve their gameplay with mods, CC, or other resources. However, people across the globe are getting more and more security-conscious, and there’s every reason they should be. Indeed, nothing can be more frustrating than digital identity or data theft after downloading mods or CC from suspicious sources.  

It’s a terrible approach to doubt everything you find online, but our security depends on it. Instead of learning it the hard way, it’s better to switch to the fighting mode and change your cybersecurity posture. Here are some tips that you can use to protect your device when finding new material to play with in Sims.

Update your browser

Outdated or vulnerable browsers could be the window used to infect your device. Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc., are frequently updated to ward off the latest threats, including malware. Using an outdated browser is not a wise way to browse the internet. You certainly don’t want to be targeted by malvertising, malware, malicious websites, and even exploit kits. The safe download of mods or CC always depends on your awareness level, so don’t let your guard down and update the browser regularly. Pair this vigilant attitude with tips for secure browsing, and you are good to go. 

Updating other software applications

While you’re busy updating the browser, it’s wise to devote some time to updating other software applications on your device. Install available patches for your antivirus, anti-malware, media players, and even productivity apps. It might sound a little tedious, but updating is an essential part of maintaining software, and you can’t ignore it. If you’re looking for convenience, allow programs to update automatically. 

Uninstall programs you don’t use

Uninstall the programs you seldom use or don’t know why they are sitting on your device. Sounds strange? Well, it’s the most practical strategy wherein you get rid of programs that you don’t need or the ones that can be easily identified as bloatware. Old and outdated software programs pose a huge security risk, and hackers can easily exploit them to wreak havoc. Also, get rid of these programs to have more space for other software. If the deleted apps somehow come back, look into the security status of your device.

Learn more about your browsers 

With Brave leading the pack, there are far better browser options for you to consider privacy-wise. Look beyond the customizing schemes as the modern browsers are loaded with advanced privacy features. The latest browsers are all geared towards ensuring user data security.  

Review browser settings

Until and unless you check your browser settings, you won’t be able to learn about the default settings. You must configure them for the desired level of security and privacy. Even Google Chrome can become more enjoyable and private if you take the time to modify its settings. 

Don’t visit sites you don’t trust

Visiting shady websites exposes you to unknown threats like malware. When you are looking for the best mods or CC for Sims, you might enter domains that do not look reputable. Do not download resources from them, especially if your visit is accompanied by several additional pop-ups.

Get a password manager

Password managers are great when you’ve too many online accounts, and you keep forgetting the password. In the event of data theft or hack, your valuable passwords can be stolen. However, this is not even remotely possible when you have a password manager to take care of your passwords. The password manager stores all the passwords in an encrypted form, so there’s no way a hacker can guess a password, even if they manage to break into your device.  

Install a Virtual Private Network

Sometimes, you might need a little help staying safe online. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an excellent solution. It works seamlessly but does a splendid job at securing your activities from eavesdroppers. Many digital entities gather data about you, and some of it might be harmless to an extent. However, if your connection to the internet is unsecured, your browsing (and personal data) could be stolen in transit. To fight this, install a VPN and browse the internet to find the best resources for your next house in the Sims world. 

End of Days for my current PC

So to top off a rather challenging year, this has shown to be technologically challenging. My current PC is most definitely dying. There is no other word to describe what is happening to it.

The set I was really keen on releasing this month has been put on hold until I purchase a new one. A bit of a nuisance as I have recently purchased a brand new electric car (my first new car ever (I feel so grown up!)), so funds are tight. But we will have to manage, I guess.
To describe just how bad my pc has become, (and this is no joke nor is it, sadly, an exaggeration):

You are tasked with typing a 1500 word essay which is due by the 29 January. You open up your document and begin typing, having researched extensivey prior to beginning, and your typing is hindered by a 30+ second pause BETWEEN EACH LETTER! The time varies and sometimes the wait is only (!) 7 seconds (my son and I counted that this afternoon), and sometimes it is over one minute. But that is what I am suffering with at the moment. 

So, the items I have waiting to complete will, unfortunately, remain that way until I replace this old (ha! It must only be 6 years old) dinosaur of a pc. It is painful. Very very painful.

In fact, right now, as I type this... with no word of a lie... I am waiting for my computer to complete a single-pixel nudge of a small item in Photoshop. That is true. It took over 40 seconds to complete. Aaaaargh.


Speak soon. Take care everyone.

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Star Wars Render

Reasons to Buy Unpowered Mixers from Seismic Audio

Unpowered mixers are a hidden gem in the world today. People always assume that the word unpowered means that it is of lower quality. However, this is entirely not true. Unpowered mixers have proven to be of excellent quality and efficiency. Depending on the number of channels and brands, a person will not even feel a big difference between unpowered and powered mixers. When it comes to the two, it goes down to preference. No one should overlook unpowered mixers. They have their own tricks up their sleeves. Here are some of the reasons that you should buy unpowered mixers from Seismic Audio.

Value for Money

Seismic Audio, as an organization, always takes pride in giving out good quality at competitive prices. The team offers a budget without compromise of quality. With this, people can listen to their favorite tunes or hold the best events as DJ's or for live music with the best quality available.  Unpowered mixers, when tapped into by the best sound engineering, it can be made into an elegant musical experience. At the same time, elegance can be acquired affordably.

Durable Construction

Mixers are always moved from point-to-point when in use. If they are made of low quality, then they tend to break or last shorter than expected.  Seismic Audio makes unpowered mixers with the best materials they can find. The team relies on durable construction for long-lasting performance. This way, people are able to move their mixers with no fear of physical wear and tear.

Balanced Low-Noise Inputs and Outputs

Anyone who is into the particulars of mixers knows that a balance in low-noise inputs and outputs. Noise is the only noise when the sound emitted is unbearable. Unpowered mixers from Seismic Audio have balanced low-noise inputs and outputs to ensure a quality sound system for all who purchase it. Balance is crucial when it comes to sound. The Seismic Audio unpowered mixers show no struggles with balancing the low-noise inputs and outputs.

Multiband EQ

Multiband compression functions like a standard compression. However, it can act upon different frequencies like an EQ. Multiband EQ is an integral part of an unpowered mixer by Seismic Audio. The multiband EQ makes the system have coordinating sounds such as kick and bass to sound more uniform.

Excellent Sound Reproduction

When using a sound system, it is pivotal for it to sound as original as can be. No one wants to listen to synthetic sounds that sound nowhere like the original quality. Seismic Audio has unpowered mixers that excel in sound reproduction. The quality of the reproduced sound is unmatched, coming out crisp and smooth.

Unpowered mixers by Seismic Audio come in 10-channel, 7-channel, and 4-channel configurations. They have several uses and come in handy in different situations. The mixers are suitable for both recorded sounds and live sounds. People with home studios, DJ rigs, or any other audio applications can find plenty of use with the mixers. Unpowered mixers from Seismic Audio are the go-to sound equipment.

Watersims44 - News 2021

Hello Simfriends,

some of me recolor creations for Sims1 - Skins, Lots, Theme and

Downloads for Sims3 and Sims4 found you on
Happy Simming.
bye Ws


Thank you to all the lovely people who have sent messages of support since my last blog post . . . your thoughts and prayers are very dear to me.

Unfortunately, I cannot give any good news . ..

I have terminal pancreatic cancer and as with any cancer in this organ, without surgery life expectancy is  .. well, much like. . .how

long is a piece of string?' . . .no-one knows, but the concensus is months rather than years.

I have declined surgery as it would be a massive operation and too risky at my age [83 today] . . and my specialist surgeon agrees with me. That leaves only chemo and /or radiation.  I have opted for chemo and expect to begin that sometime in the next week or so, once the experts have pinpointed which of a possible 2 types of cancer mine is . . . the treatments are different for each.

I am not despondent . . . I have lived a full and fruitful life by my own expectations . .  and there is nothing I wish I had done, but didn't get around to it.  I am of no particular religious belief, but I do believe in my own way.  Bottom line, I am a realist but I never give up.

So I hope to see you all again soon on the download pages, once my routine is re-established.

I wish all of you a safe and healthy 2021 . . . and hope to be with you for most of it.





new here!! :)

Hii Guys! , i started this account yesterday .

Im gonna make cool creations for you and tell u news , i hope u guys like it .


Rebecca Chambers(RE0) and Marie Rose(DOA)

I really wish someone would make a Rebecca Chambers(Resident Evil 0) si for The Sims 4. As well as Marie Rose sim from Dead or Alive.

Thank you

I just wanted to take this time to quickly thank you for downloading my CC I know it's only wallpaper but it's all I know how to do right now, Thank you though it truly means the world to me.

About me and my ccs

Hello my loves, I am a new creator in this incredible site. Please be kind commenting, I'm still new. Not that something happened, but polite is always welcome in all aspects of our lives. Even great creators make mistakes and do things that are not their style, but still respect each one, we are human beings and we are always improving every day. If a bug happens or something is wrong you can call me here or on my social networks, I answer with all love hahaha. Comment and share with friends to help me !!







This website

Sometimes, I wish that I NEVER found this website. I go to download one thing, then I see something else that catches my interest. Soon enough, I'm on a mod downloading spree. UGH!

28/12/2020 Update - WCIF Build and CAS

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all fine!


As you know from September 2020 I am no longer providing links to external and internal CC. Also TSR introduced a new system that allows you to download files from "Required" tab. Unfortunately I can't really use it cause 99.9% time you don't need those files in order to have my creations work in the game. 

I see your very frequent requests asking me what I use in my previews... and the amount of questions under my creations and DMs are starting to be a little bit overwhelming to me. This is why I decided to introduce a new system in the place regarding your questions. 

From January 2021 I will be no longer responding to your comments asking for various items. I want to still stay WCIF friendly so I decided this blog will be a large list of creators I use in my preview pictures. I will be updating this post if I start using something from a new artist. 

Please consider supporting these TSR and independent artists I mention here.







I will be informing you on my socials (most likely Instagram) about updates to this blog. I hope this list is extensive enough and you will be able to find everything you search for your Sims ☺.

Much love and thanks for the continuous support

xx Caroll


Hope you all had great holidays. Wish you a healthy, prosperous and happy 2021. May all of your wishes come true.

Merry Christmas β™₯

Hi everyone ♥

I wan to wish you a Merry Christmas spent safely with your loved ones!  

We're living in such sad world these days and I hope that this years celebration won't be overshadowed by the current events. I wish you a lot of health, hapiness and most importantly safety for you all and your families.

Much love, 

xx Caroll 



Now it is the end of a very very wierd year which was like a science fiction movie. I hope it ends good for every one of the tsr members.

From my heart I thank all of you who download my creations and you gave time to comment on them

Your support is appreciated

I wish you all cozy and warm holidays

Take care of yourself and the people you love .

Enjoy the season breake and have a great , a prosperous and without odd surprises New Year

with all my love





The future

I'm actually trying to make some custom content for you guys right now. Just you wait. Just you wait.

Tumblr and our Website

We have a website! ,You can download faster and get early mods absolutely free!








60.000 Downloads -Thankyou

Hello Simfriends,

thankyou for your more the 60.000 Downloads to me recolor creations.
I like to creat Sims4- or Sims3 downloads. Happy Simming. bye ws

Long Absences and Reworked Magic

Well - it's been several ... ahem ... years since I worked on anything for this site and it was at least a year since I last play the Sims 4 seriously before I got back into it thanks to pandemic. I come back here to discover my work Castiel's Warding Tattoo was no longer working properly and causing horrific glitches for people who used it or at least - turning their sims weird looking in-game. So I set back to work and have remade the tattoo as a 2.0 version. I will be trying to redo some of my other works and add to it as a means of making up for my absence...or just passing the time - take your pick.


Please... Watch this space and watch it with patience.

Keepsafe guys

it sucks and i hate it :( 

i'm COVID positive. take care of yourself guys.

My covid experience and more shutters.

I just thought I might add the details of my experience with this delightful virus that is killing so many people.

It was a terrible time, as my lovely mother in law passed away on the very same day I had visited her. It was a Thursday. We were devastated, of course. But it was all made much worse because we hadn't been allowed to see her for 6 months prior, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closures of nursing homes. So I kind of feel lucky that I got to see her before she took flight into the universe. She was diagnosed with dementia in 2014, and slowly disintegrated before our eyes. A tragedy and tragic disease.

We sorted out the funeral for the following Wednesday, and organised flowers etc, but all that had to be put on hold because I had contracted covid-19 somehow. I had been really careful and wore my mask everywhere I was supposed to, sanitised so often, my hands felt like leather and limited my movements to only a few places - school, supermarket, my son's martial arts club (which I don't participate in) and home. So I feel quite unlucky to have caught it. No one else that I knew had it, so it remains a bit of a mystery. However, my partner did test positive two days after I started to feel ill. And then my 82yr old father in law also tested positive. And I was so very worried about them, but they both suffered from only a slight cough and a sniffle. They were both very lucky.

Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky.

I was one of those people who showed no "typical" symptoms, and by that I mean I had no cough at all, no high temperature, no loss or change of taste or smell, so I figured the sore throat I had was another cold that I had caught from my son and the germ factory (school). I had it for a week and felt fine. However, the day after my mother in law died, I went downhill rapidly. I had nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, the worst headache I have ever felt (like 50 migraines at once), really bad photophobia (my partner opened the shutters on a cloudy afternoon, and it almost killed me as my head felt like it was about to explode), and I was completely off all food. All that went on for an entire week. I was in bed the entire time (except for many emergency visits to the loo). I lost a ton of weight (which, in my case, isn't a bad thing) and although I still had slight botty issues, I made myself get out of bed the following Sunday and face the shower to clean myself up. It was a really strange time, because my taste had changed, and that included my home décor too. I couldn't stand my house and how I had decorated it. All the mid-century items were ugly to me, and my actual taste (in my mouth) had changed also. What I once enjoyed eating was now the worst... and my greatest loss was coffee. I was a 3-4 cup per day kinda guy, but following this rancid time in bed, I detested it and the smell made me nauseous. Bananas, strawberries, all fruit except grapes, curry, cheese, toast, cereal... the list went on and I was devastated and fell into a bit of depression. Mainly because I could no longer garner any enjoyment from food. I was reduced to only eating toasted crumpets with cottage cheese, spring vegetable cup-of-soups and cups of sweetened tea. That was my diet for about a month. Even activities I loved (like creating for The Sims 4) were abhorrent to me. I simply couldn't face the computer at all. Obviously that has passed and I have been playing catch up.

However, after about 7 weeks, I finally drank a cup of coffee, and it didn't make me sick, so hoorah! And slowly but surely, it has all returned to normal and I love fruit and my home again. Phew. I was concerned that it was going to be permanent.

So, I am making more shutters. That is what I was going to write about. Long, thin ones and short, wide ones. It's all going on here now. I'm back to loving the creative process again. It's a joy.

See you two around. xx

Thank you for an amazing four years :)

Hello! It has been awhile to say the least. This whole year was been crazy for me for many reasons. I have been uploading on here since I was 14 years old. That is crazy! I didn't realize that my hobby of making clothing would soon turn into its own mini career. The amount of support everyone has shown me over the past four years has meant so much to me, and I am so grateful for everything. With that being said, as of now I am stepping away from making custom content. I started college this year, and I just do not have time any more. I have been wanting to make a return for a bit now, but time never allowed so. My priotity right now is my education, and I hope you all can understand. 

The Sims 4 has helped me in so many ways. I am majoring in interior design at College For Creative Studies. CCS is one of the best art schools in the world, and I am so incredibly blessed to be attending. The funny thing is I learned my love for interior design through the sims! I would spend hours looking at all the custom furniture on TSR, then make crazy houses, stores, venues, etc. This place helped me realize what I wanted to pursue a career in. It is crazy how one small hobby can be the thing that defines your future! 

This place has been amazing, and I am so incredibly grateful for all the love and support I recieved over the years. Maybe some day I can come back, but until now thank you for everything! It really has been a blast! If you ever need to ask me a question or anything, please still reach out! I'll still try to answer as soon as possible! 

Seriously thank you friends, and I hope to return someday <3

- Emma 

Post covid-19 creations!

What a horror of a virus to have, I don't recall ever feeling as iil as I did at the beginning of October. I guess I had (have) "long covid" because I am still broken a bit. I can't exert myself without feeling like I have just reached the summit of Mt. Everest, gasping for breath. I am left puffing and panting by simply carrying items up stairs, and then into the loft. It's rather boring to be so exhausted after simple tasks. So I spend my time sitting. And sometimes standing. But mostly sitting. And eating. Oh and coffee! My taste buds have finally returned to normal - meaning I am, once again, able to enjoy coffee, bananas, toasted bread, strawberries and raspberries... It's a joy!

So. on to the relevant stuff. I have made some plantation shutters for the medium height windows - a set of 2-tile and single tile. I have also made shutters specifically for doors and arches. I hope you all enjoy them. They've been fun to make. Tricky, but fun.

Happy simming all two of you who might read this.x

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Leave of Absence

I will be taking a couple of  weeks off, as of today.   Routine tests have indiciated a lump on my pancreas and [because I am extremely fortunate] the finding is being investigated immediately.  Therefore I will be away from home for various procedures from time to time and unable to access my computer, at least for the next 2 weeks.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a special festive season and hope that we are all safe and sound come the New Year.



67.000 Downloads in December 2020

I'd like to say each one of you thank you for downloading my sims 3 stuff. And I wish you a lot of fun with my creations. The most popular of my creations is Sim Alex and I am delighted I made him well because obviously a lot of you guys like him too. But even if only one person would have downloaded my creations, I had a lot of fun creating something for the Sims 3 because your fun is my joy. Happy simming and take care of yourselves! Sul, sul.

2 Million Downloads!

A million new downloads in just a little over 2 months, this is truly insane to me! Thank you all so much, I'm so happy you like my content! ❀

Take care!

Love, Ákos


Hey, it's Vern!

Hey, my name is Vern!


I am new to TSR that is why I wanted to create this blog post to introduce myself.♥

I am a Sims 4 content creator. I create sims and do speed builds on my Youtube channel. I also create custom content for The Sims 4 and you can download them for free!

Most of my custom content are a recolour of EA mesh but I will be creating my own mesh soon!


Let's be friends!






Buy me a coffee?


Feel free to tag me on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr if you use my CC! I would love to see and share them.♥

πŸŽ„ TSR 2020 Holiday Collaboration and I πŸŽ„


One day of the weird year of 2020 (during which, practically EVERYTHING can happen) we,  the Creators of The Sims Resource, decided to collaborate in a Holiday project organized by Cath ( artist Mama)  and offer to our subscribers  and all sims addicts,  this Holiday feeling to cheer them up since we are all feel a bit depressed these days due to covid-19 .

We are not sure yet if we managed to reach our goal, you tell us, but we enjoyed the process for sure!

For me, personally the situation was a bit frustrated at the beginning  because of the language gap but the frustration lasted only for a little  since there were younger and fresher minds than mine around and pop up like Jack in the box every time I need help.  Besides Cath,  Danuta  with whom I was close before , I realized that all Tsr Artists are amazing people, they are friendly, loving,  they like what they do as much  I do, they are humorous, helpful, unbelievably creative and they like to give and enjoy giving.

We all are neighbors on the same planet, and we are enjoying it!

During the period of the Collaboration I had the opportunity to come closer to artists I did not had the opportunity to talk before. I realized how amazing they are, how willing and flexible. All these details in their work, the colors, the designs, the spirit left me speechless so many times during the process!  I was thrilled and I was proud that I had the opportunity to be a part of the team!

I THANK CATH FROM MY HEART. It was a really   hard work for her to organize us in such a big project for the very first time.

I am sure our downloaders will enjoy the CCs which Tsr offers this year as much as we enjoyed creating them. Let your sims furnished and decorate theirs houses, dress themselves with warm and elegant clothes, let them wear special holiday make-up and jewelry , eat yummy  cakes and dance forever having the best Holiday ever!


See you around







I'm new to the cc creators/modders community so if you welcome me in, I'd appreciate it! :D

Thank you

Thank you so much for my first 100,000 downloads.

I hope you like my recolors as much as I enjoy 

creating them.

Happy simming

and stay safe


Geulizz Here~!

How are you guys~ Geulizz Here~
It's been years since I'm MIA~
I'm going to start to write and making poses again~
If anyone have request for pose making, don't be shy to PM me~ *Wink

Stay healthy everyone~! ♥

Submit button

Anyone elses Submit Button been replaced and now only shows the "Sign up for VIP" badge? How do I get to my submissions, has it been moved to a different location? 

Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku In The Sims 4

 Miku cc by:maminatumi

Luka´s hair by: Redheadsims

First entry!

Soooo, I didn't know you could post blog entries and stuff here... I think it'd be cool to start.

I don't really have much to say right now besides that I'm attempting to completely recolor every item in the game using a rainbow palette I'll call "Unicorn". Each item is going to come in over 20 different colors including a dark color burn and a brighter overlay which varies from high saturation to pastel depending on how it interacts with the base color.

So yes, if you, like me, wish the base game stuff in the sims was more colorful, watch out for that. First batch will be the cordelia buy furniture bc it's the first that appears in the sims 4 studio log.

Also I have it done already but I have a skeleton recolor that has a very shiny spec map so it looks like candy. So that'll be uploaded too once I have the time.

45.000 Downloads - Thankyou

Hey Simfriends,

thankyou for the 45.000 Downloads.

Happy Simming. bye Ws

Roooooommsss to let!

I love the idea of creating rooms and I was really thrilled to here we can upload them at tsr. My first attempt took me hours! I do not know how long I was trying to collect the CC I needed. I thought I spent an afternoon diging in these wonderful creations the Tsr's artists have uploaded. My hubby said it was a lot more than an afternoon since I was still in front of my computer when he went to bed at 11 am. It seems that creating a room is as difficult as creating a lot but I enjoy it more.

Here are some of my first rooms




ALEXA hair fixed

Hey guys, just letting everyone know I updated Alexa hair so now the issue most ppl had that showed the hair as if mesh was missing should be resolved. Just go ahead and redownload the file. 

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