The New Baby Set 2
Sims 3 — The New Baby Set 2 by jessesue2 — These poses were designed to be interchangeable so you can design your family

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Created for: The Sims 3 Creator Terms of Use

These poses were designed to be interchangeable so you can design your family pic per the family you have. In this set:
5 children, 4 babies, 7 toddlers, 3 teens, 10 adults. All poses are moveable using the MOO cheat, Poses are designed around the center adult and babies.

*29 poses - pose list compatible

**non pose list download can be found on my site posesbybee

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*baby feet go into the tummy of adults a wee bit
*pose 6b was designed to go with the larger male frame
*toddler pose 25 goes with pose 8, holding hand of baby
*the codes for this set start after The New Baby found here:

or here:

CC Seen With this pic ( you could choose your own)

Squat pillow


b_bmit_newbaby5 (baby being held by pose 7)
p_bmit_newbaby6 (toddler sitting on couch, goes with pose 5 and 7)
a_bmit_newbaby7 (adult holding baby pose 5, goes with pose 6)
b_bmit_newbaby8 (baby being held by pose 9, 9teen)
a_bmit_newbaby9 (adult holding baby pose 8)
a_bmit_newbaby9teen (teen holding baby pose 8)
b_bmit_newbaby10 (baby twin on right)
b_bmit_newbaby11 (baby twin on left)
a_bmit_newbaby12 (adult holding pose 10 and 11)
a_bmit_newbaby12teen (teen holding pose 10 and 11)
p_bmit_newbaby13right (toddler standing right of sim in middle)
p_bmit_newbaby13left (toddler standing left of sim in middle)
p_bmit_newbaby14 (toddler kneeling right of middle)
c_bmit_newbaby15 (child sitting left side, goes with pose 21 or posed alone)
c_bmit_newbaby16 (child leaning on shoulder of mom holding babies)
c_bmit_newbaby16b (child leaning on shoulder of male pose 17)
a_bmit_newbaby17 (male pose holding babies in middle)
a_bmit_newbaby18 (male sitting right of middle)
c_bmit_newbaby19 (child with arms and legs crossed, looking right and annoyed)
c_bmit_newbaby20 (child leaning on 9teen or 12teen)
p_bmit_newbaby21 (toddler sitting on lap of pose 15)
a_bmit_newbaby22 (father pose looking at pose 23 or pose 24)
a_bmit_newbaby23 (adult holding one baby looking at pose 22)
a_bmit_newbaby24 (adult holding twins, looking at pose22)
p_bmit_newbaby25 (toddler holding hand of baby8)
a_bmit_newbaby26 (female pose sitting)
a_bmit_newbaby27 (female sitting pose looking right)
a_bmit_newbaby28teen (teen sitting left of middle)
p_bmit_newbaby29 (toddler sitting on pose 28)

Credits: around the Sims 3, QuizicalGin

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