Child Emotion Storytelling Poses
Sims 3 — Child Emotion Storytelling Poses by jessesue2 — 18 poses of children, designed to be used from the neck or waist

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18 poses of children, designed to be used from the neck or waist up as close up shots for storytelling purposes. Although these are close up poses, I have finished the lower body in a posed stance as well. Pose 10 is a child crouching on the ground or in a corner. Please note that sims that have dramatically altered facial structures may show the facial expression slightly different than shown here.

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For those who use pose codes, you can find a DL file that include pics and codes, on my site:


Pose Codes

c_bmit_emo1 Upset
c_bmit_emo2 A-HA!
c_bmit_emo3 Anxious
c_bmit_emo4 Chat
c_bmit_emo5 Hurray!
c_bmit_emo6 Frustration
c_bmit_emo7 Sad
c_bmit_emo8 Scared/Anxiety
c_bmit_emo9 Happy
c_bmit_emo10 Super scared
c_bmit_emo11 Scared
c_bmit_emo12 Shock
c_bmit_emo13 Surprised
c_bmit_emo14 Excited
c_bmit_emo15 Jumping for joy!
c_bmit_emo16 Angry
c_bmit_emo17 More angry, accusing
c_bmit_emo18 yelling

Credits: Thank you Jowita for the idea!

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There are 2 comments on this article

TitusLinde ∙ Mar 31, 2019

W o w... what an awesome job !!! I should visit my Sims 3 game soon. These poses are super helpful for storytelling \:o I need to try out on my TS3 kids Katherine and Julian ♥ Thank you !!!

RosemaryMarie VIP ∙ Mar 8, 2019

These are so awesome! You did a terrific job!