Death and Dying Set 1
Sims 3 — Death and Dying Set 1 by jessesue2 — This set could be used for illness or death poses. Poses are to support the

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Created for: The Sims 3 Creator Terms of Use

This set could be used for illness or death poses. Poses are to support the time spent with a dying/ill sim, waiting by their bedside.

*19 poses
*pose list compatible

Non Pose List download can be found on my WP site posesbybee

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CC Seen With This Set (You may choose your own)

Book 5 (must be raised up using the OMSP mod at Mod The Sims)

Lena Pillows for double bed

Kilburn Pillow for Single bed


1. Pose 6 goes with both pose 1 and 4
2. Pose 11 works with both 1 and 4
3. Pose 7 - pose sim then slide chair under
4. Pose 9 and 10 work in both double and single bed. But single bed will need to be moved over after posing 9 and 10
5. The single pillow I chose snaps to bed through head board. Poses are designed with the pillow moved forward. You can choose your own pillow.
6. Pose 3 only works with pose 4


a_bmit_dying1 (sim laying on bed)
a_bmit_dying2 (sim kneeling beside bed, hand on head, left hand on hands of pose 1)
a_bmit_dying3 (sim leaning over pose 1, hand on head, left arm across pose 1)
a_bmit_dying4 (sim laying on bed, arms at sides)
a_bmit_dying5 (sim sitting in chair, elbows up on bed)
a_bmit_dying6 (leaning over to kiss pose 1 or pose 4)
a_bmit_dying7 (sitting in chair, left arm over pose 8)
a_bmit_dying8 (lying in bed, goes with pose 7)
a_bmit_dying9 (lying in bed, holding hand of pose 10)
a_bmit_dying10 (lying in bed, holding hand of pose 9, cuddling)
a_bmit_dying11 (sim giving last rites to dying sim)
a_bmit_dying12 (sim cuddling with pose 13)
a_bmit_dying13 (dying sim reclining on pillow, arm around poise 12)
a_bmit_dying14 (reclining on pillow, holding hand of pose 15)
a_bmit_dying15 (sitting on bed, goes with pose 14)
a_bmit_dying15b (same as pose 15 with open eyes looking at pose 14)
a_bmit_dying16 (sitting on bed, holding hand of pose 17)
a_bmit_dying17 (sim reclining on pillow holding hand of pose 16)
a_bmit_dying17b (same as pose 17 but with a slight smile)

Credits: kuroineko05, Spacesims, pyszny16

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RosemaryMarie VIP ∙ Jan 24, 2023

I can't tell you how much I love this set. Your work is amazing!