Haunted Victorian Manor
Sims 4 — Haunted Victorian Manor by Mini_Simmer — Once a magnificent manor and home to the richest family in town is now

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Created for: The Sims 4

Once a magnificent manor and home to the richest family in town is now a mere shadow of its formal glory. The manor has been abandoned for ages but you can still hear the creaking of wood and the sound of a baby crying at night time. The crisp clean looking manor is now covered with small bushes and debris.

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You can watch me build this on my youtube channel @Mini Simmer
Follow me on Instagram for more pictures and videos @Mini_Simmer
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I have the following packs installed:

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Snowy Escape
Eco Lifestyle
Discover University
Island Living
Get Famous
Cats and Dogs
City Living
Get Together
Get To work

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Journey to Batuu
Realm of Magic
Jungle Adventure
Dine Out
Spa day
Outdoor Retreat

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Paranormal Stuff
Nifty Knitting Stuff
Tiny Living Stuff
Moschino Stuff
My First Pet Stuff
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Holiday Celebration pack

  • Value: 249477
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Stories: 3
  • Lot Size: 40x30
  • Custom content: No CC used
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There are 13 comments on this article

DevilGirl019 ∙ Oct 1, 2023

are there any packs required for this?

Sandiiblox ∙ Dec 6, 2022

why did the medieval village on tumblr bring me to here?

Jules5546 VIP ∙ Nov 27, 2022

Kinda wanna renovate it to its former glory, kinda wanna leave it as is, I love it!

Emmamau ∙ Mar 12, 2022

This looks amazing! I love how you can really see that this manor used to be grand but has fallen since those days, literally in the case of the bookcase and barstools and other furniture. Great detail, thank you for sharing this beautiful work!

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