Anton Office TSR only CC
Sims 4 — Anton Office TSR only CC by Moniamay72 — Anton Office Study room in khaki, green colors.

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Created for: The Sims 4 Creator Terms of Use

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Anton Office Study room in khaki, green colors.
Size: 5x5
Built of small walls.
This room is fully equipped.
Custom Content was used - Please check all cc's in the Required Tab.
Please read the instructions in the Notice tab.

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ItemID: 1663509

Filesize: 93 KB

Make sure your game is fully updated.
I used only Base Game and CC objects.
One chair in the room is used as decoration for the flower because the chairs look like tables.
To install this room into your game:
- download the room
- unzip room files
- copy room files and paste them into your Tray catalog ([...]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]
- all CC - objects from --> Required Tab go to the Mods folder.

Credits: Thank you to All TSR CC's Creators

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