Sims 3 — Ximvox by gissence — So you're out hunting around town for a place to open up shop and the story from the sales

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Created for: The Sims 3

So you're out hunting around town for a place to open up shop and the story from the sales associate goes something like this...

The inventors and their investors thought they were really on to something with their newly patented robotic voice-over simulator, which oddly enough took the physical shape of a robotic talking head. It's kind of hard to envision and explain but it really was quite a novel idea and, like the inventors of the helicopter, they thought sure every household would eventually have one. Plus they were even more sure of it's success because they heard that a business was virtually guaranteed to succeed if it's name began and ended with the same letter. Test marketing showed promising forecasts so they went ahead and built for themselves a proper corporate head quarters. Some cracker-jack upstart architect talked them into a design that vaguely resembled the shape of their product.

They're having a hard time unloading it because honestly who wants to work in a building that looks like a decapitated Megatron, but that's up to you to decide.

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  • Furnished: No
  • Decorated: Externally
  • Stories: 4
  • Lot Size (z): 29
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Snowcat16 VIP ∙ Jan 20, 2017

I totally love it! What a great futuristic design! Can´t get enough from this style. Please make more from it ;-). Thank you

CheshireKat_ VIP ∙ Jan 1, 2014

oh, this will be great for my futuristic/sci-fi town/theme!

redpanda28 ∙ May 30, 2013


superflys ∙ Feb 6, 2012

thank you. wish i could get the curves but never looks this good.

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