Future Vision Station EARTH
Sims 4 — Future Vision Station EARTH by Moniamay72 — Year 2128, Earth Station, future vision of the house, which tries to

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Created for: The Sims 4 Creator Terms of Use

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Year 2128, Earth Station, future vision of the house, which tries to keep the moments from the past, including the interior design. Beautiful creation of the future home with all the extra accessories, here you will feel like one century forward, beautiful colors, beautifully decorated interiors create a wonderful futuristic whole. The views are simply indescribable. Earth station is waiting for your sims.

Custom Content was used.
Orginal Lot size: 64/64
Created by Moniamay72

Short URL: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1409819

ItemID: 1409819

Filesize: 297 KB

Make sure your game is fully updated.

Expansion Pack Used :
Get to Work
Get Together
City Living
Cats and Dogs

Game Pack Used :
Spa Day
Dine Out

Stuff Packs Used :
Perfect Patio Stuff
Luxury Party

Cheats I've used:
- bb.moveobjects ( place the lot from Build Mode and use bb.moveobjects )

To install this house into your game:
->-> download the house
->-> unzip files
->-> copy all files and paste them into your Tray catalog ([...]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]

This house needs CC !

CC's used for this lot :

click here- Pralinesims - Modern Tiles 2
click here- soloriya - Star Base set
click here- soloriya - Eco Futuristic set
click here- SIMcredible! - Prime
click here- Beauman - Calm & Collected Painting
click here- Severinka - Christmas Bedroom
click here- ArtVitalex - Iatorx Office
click here- ung999 - Gourmet Kitchen Pt. II
click here- Severinka - Modern Glass lamp set
click here- Severinka - Alwine bedroom
click here- BuffSumm - Just A Kidsroom
click here- ShinoKCR - Living New York
click here- ShinoKCR - Japan Bathroom
click here- wondymoon - Xenon Kitchen
click here- Angela - Neutral Bathroom
click here- ung999 - Bedroom Endeun
click here- jomsims - Obal bathroom part2
click here- mutske - Pilton Constructionset Part 1
click here- NynaeveDesign - Altara Build Set
click here- soloriya - Futuristic set
click here- soloriya - Alien City
click here- ung999 - Black White Dining
click here- ung999 - Black White Bedroom
click here- SIMcredible! - Cassis
click here- ung999 - Gourmet Kitchen Pt. I
click here- soloriya - Melina
click here- ShinoKCR - Bedroom Nardi
click here- ung999 - UNder The Sun - Dining
click here- Pralinesims - Praline Wood Walls
click here- ung999 - Bedroom Lynn
click here- ung999 - Eiyina Living Pt.I
click here- Lulu256 - Berkshire Bathroom
click here- ShinoKCR - Outdoor Caribbean
click here- jomsims - Obal bathroom
click here- jomsims - Affectum Bedroom

Thank you so much for all TSR creators.

Credits : jomsims,soloriya,ung999,mutske,ShinoKCR,Lulu256,Pralinesims,SIMcredible!,NynaeveDesign,Angela,wondymoon,BuffSumm,Severinka,Beauman,ArtVitalex

Credits: TSR CC Creators

  • Value: 485150
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Stories: 3
  • Lot Size: Other
  • Custom content: Creation needs CC (links to all needed CC listed in the description)
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this is really a piece of art. I love it very much. Thanks for building this.\:wub\:

vmaee ∙ Mar 28, 2024

can you still download it

demenija1018 VIP ∙ Apr 28, 2022


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