Rose Kitchen
Sims 4 — Rose Kitchen by Moniamay72 — Rose Kitchen. $ 17154 Size: 14x8 This room is fully equipped. Custom Content was

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Rose Kitchen.
$ 17154
Size: 14x8
This room is fully equipped.
Custom Content was used - Please read in the Required Tab.
Please read the instructions in the Notice tab.
1 - How to set up a room with platforms in the game.
2 - How to add a mural to a wall properly.

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ItemID: 1526608

Revision: 2

Filesize: 120 KB

Make sure your game is fully updated.

I have installed packs:

Expansion Pack
Get To Work
Get Together
City Living
Cats and Dogs
Get Famous
Island Living
Eco Lifestyle
Discover University

Game Pack
Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine Out
Jungle Adventure

Stuff Pack
Luxury Party
Perfect Patio
Cool Kitchen
Romantic Garden
Kids Room
Vintage Glamour
Tiny Living

Holiday Celebration Stuff
Grim's Ghoulish Guitar

Cheats I've used:

To install this room into your game:
- download the house
- unzip files
- copy room files and paste them into your Tray catalog ([...]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]
- all CC - objects go to the Mods folder.

CC's needed for this Room - Please read in the Required Tab.

How to set up a room with platforms in the game:

- for a room to work correctly, after setting it up in the game, you will have to add a ceiling or another room on the top as a second floor.
- how to add a ceiling: Open build mode, go into the Walls and Empty rooms section and pick the - Flat Square - option, place it on the top of the room as a ceiling, this will ensure the room will work correctly. If you don't add a ceiling, a second room upstairs, or a roof, this can make Sims more vulnerable to cold or heat.

How to add a mural to a wall properly :

- when you place a mural on a wall the game will choose the starting point of the mural itself and you will unfortunately have no influence on that.
- to solve that, you should choose a bigger lot than necessary for the house so that you can move it in any direction whole lot with house to fit mural in the room, to start at the point you want it to.

Credits: All TSR Artists!

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There are 16 comments on this article

LuiSpadarotto ∙ Feb 18, 2024


sirnlish ∙ Jun 22, 2022

Hi i was just wondering what is the hanging plant next to the fridge?

Moniamay72 ∙ Mar 20, 2022

Hey Magdalena, before you put this room, please increase the walls to medium, then the stools and chairs are in your cc objects in the game, they have been changed by the creators, after some game updating, please also hang the code bb.moveobjects, chairs are a link in the Required tab - jomsims -https: //
stool - Simcerdible -, best regards. I will let know about this problem to the support. Have a lovely day♥

magdalena2 VIP ∙ Mar 20, 2022

I have downloaded all of them, even the separate link files, the wooden chairs of the dining table, the kitchen stools, the windows on the side of the dining table are missing...

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