Mint Living Room // CC needed
Sims 4 — Mint Living Room // CC needed  by Flubs79 — here is a bright and cozy Living Room for your Sims the price of the

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Created for: The Sims 4

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here is a bright and cozy
Living Room for your Sims

the price of the room is 13.137

Short URL:

ItemID: 1551789

Revision: 3

Filesize: 60 KB

Expansion Packs I have installed:

- Base Game

Expansion Packs

- Get To Work
- Get Together
- City Living
- Cats & Dogs
- Seasons
- Get Famous
- Island Living
- Discover University
- Eco Lifestyle
- Snowy Escape

Gameplay Packs

- Outdoor Retreat
- Spa Day
- Dine Out
- Vampires
- Parenthood
- Jungle Adventure
- StrangerVille
- Realm of Magic
- Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

Stuff Packs

- Luxury Party
- Perfect Patio
- Cool Kitchen
- Spooky
- Movie Hangout
- Romantic Garden
- Kids Room
- Backyard
- Vintage Glamour
- Bowling Night
- Fitness
- Toddler
- Laundry Day
- My First Pet
- Moschino
- Tiny Living
- Nifty Knitting
- Paranormal Stuff Pack
- Dream Home Decorator Pack

-Holiday Celebration

Courtyard Oasis Kit


cheats used : bb.moveobjects

Make sure your game is fully updated

i sometimes use the cheat to zoom out

used cheats : bb.moveobjects bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects

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Coziesim VIP ∙ Jan 10, 2022

Just realized the Ceiling Lamp is actually a Sim 3 oh well

pumpkin228 ∙ Jul 17, 2021

It won't allow the download because the vine you linked is for Sims 3.

KimPatV ∙ Jul 12, 2021

Question Im new to this but I've download quite afew rooms and none of them are showing up in my stuff so not sure where they show up?