14 Sierra Tango - Archeology Offices
Sims 3 — 14 Sierra Tango - Archeology Offices by wolfspryte — 14 Sierra Tango - Archeology Offices - A town for Tessa

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Created for: The Sims 3

14 Sierra Tango - Archeology Offices - A town for Tessa
This is my second lot for the "Town For Tessa" - if you are not aware of this collaborative effort, please see here: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/111655.page
A quote from the above site:
"Tessa, god-daughter of simmer Magician1, was an 8-year old girl who was an avid Sims 3 fan. Tessa had an inoperable brain tumor, and in August, she was given about three months to live. At that time, she asked Magician1 to build her a home that she drafted the floorplan for. You can see the result of that build here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=1028337 .On October 4, shortly after we began this neighborhood for her, Tessa passed away."

Onward! These are the Archeology Offices located at 14 Sierra Tango in Sunset Valley. This is a community lot tagged as an Art Museum by the game.

Welcome, please feel free to explore this establishment. Look around, gaze in awe at our new finds in the "New Aquisitions Department" located upstairs. Feel free to sit and read in our "Research Library" - also located upstairs. If you have any questions, I'm sure if "Reception" can't help, you can visit the lead archeologist in his office just down the hall! He's a busy man, so you may not catch him in, but feel free to look around his office to see some of the treasures he's brought back from his digs in Egypt. If you'd like to see what Archeology is all about, there is a small "training" area out back. Who knows, you might even find some "treasure" of your own!! Please stay out of the storage yard, as the gate and fence are quite rusty and there are plants growing in there that have "forbidden" fruits!

Come here... closer... I must whisper this... it is rumored that in the storage yard, there grows a fruit capable of extending your life... and a tree that grows money! Amazing.. I know! But, you did NOT hear it from me!! Understand?? Good.

I hope you enjoy this lot! And, I hope Tessa is playing Sims 3 in heaven!

Thank you Cyclonesue - I needed just a little something to "oomph" this lot.. and your clock tower clock was just the thing!! :D

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Credits: Cyclonesue - for her wonderful Clock Tower clock!

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paramiti VIP ∙ Nov 10, 2021


droople ∙ Jan 17, 2013

Beautiful lot, and I am very sorry to hear the story about Tessa. I'm sure she would've loved this fantastic museum \:\)

Dorkfactory1 ∙ Jan 3, 2013

Very nice indeed\:\)

BuckinghamAlice ∙ Oct 9, 2012

This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing it!

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