My Little Vardo - Tiny Bath
Sims 4 — My Little Vardo - Tiny Bath by fredbrenny — Colorful and small. These two words describe this tiny bathroom. But

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Created for: The Sims 4

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Colorful and small. These two words describe this tiny bathroom. But yes, living in a vardo, or in any tiny house, means you need to adjust and play with space. In a land where the weather is bad, I wouldn't recommend living tiny. See the outdoors as your extra living space, meanwhile, it has airco and heating, hot and cold running water. A bath and shower... what more do you need?

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I own all of the Stuff, Game and Expansion Packs that are currently available on Origin (15 May 2021)
If you want the rooms to show up as in the preview, you will need: Island Living, Get Together, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Movie Hang out stuff and Holiday Celebration pack. If you place the room in the Vardo, do check for double windows, doors and all things that are attached to the walls, inside and out, after placing the rooms.

I used the cheats bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and used items from the debug menu. Please use at least the bb.moveobjects before placing the lot. After downloading and installing, the rooms can be found in My Library, under the Advanced tab. Make sure to check 'include custom content'

Credits: All artists here at TSR whose creations I use with gratitude!

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raven432 ∙ Oct 15, 2021

Also, the towel hanging on the wall under the shelf (the light green one) is the one from the PB Bathroom Decor by Shino&KCR, not the one from the Bathroom Revolution set (by the same creator):

raven432 ∙ Oct 15, 2021

Thank you for sharing this lovely build~ I've really enjoyed your builds since your TS3 days so I'm glad you're more active for TS4 now as well. That being said, I recognize some mistakenly / not attributed items from this room. Feel free to tell me if my corrections are not welcome and I will not post such comments in future, I'm only doing this because I think other people also deserve to experience your lot just as beautifully as you built it in the first place.

The mermaid tile walls are not the ones you linked but the ones here (if you look closely, the ones you linked and the ones in your screenshots point in different directions):

I believe you did not add the link to Wondymoon's Cerium Basket (the basket on the shelf next to the toilet with the paper rolls)

For some weird reason, the curtain and the decorations on the top shelf disappear when the room is placed, even when the proper items are installed and MOO is on. I think it may be because they are placed too "high" for the room. This may be fixed (or broken even further, who knows with EA?) in a future patch, I'm currently on 1.80

Moniamay72 ∙ May 26, 2021

Looks amazing!♥♥

dasie2 ∙ May 22, 2021


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