Hayden Iro
Sims 3 — Hayden Iro by Nisuki — Iro Family - Hayden Iro. He's a tough guy and always looks out for others. However, so

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Created for: The Sims 3

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Iro Family - Hayden Iro. He's a tough guy and always looks out for others. However, so far in his life he has always been so unlucky. He wishes for someone who he can protect with true care, but that person should do the same thing for him. He may seem strong, which he is, but he's looking for someone to be all lovely-dovely too. Will you help him with his search?

The Iro Family is a new project of mine. Iro is japanese for colors.
Hayden is showing off a purple color! I let people choose between Purple and Green.
Go ahead and submit a color you want to see! Giving a RGB/hextag colorcode is recommended.

Don't forget to check the notes.

Short URL: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1248604

ItemID: 1248604

Filesize: 2 MB

Read everything!

Only Base Game and Seasons were installed.
Gamepatch is fully updated.

No custom sliders. All settings on high. ALERT! I use a HQ mod.
Pictures are taken in a room without windows. Sim's surrounded by lights.
Included a picture in CAS, without the Not Included items. (NO CC)
There's one picture, which has been edited. (light and such)

Hayden has no CC included at all. I did use cc. Carefully read the information below!

Not Included:
- Skin by Teru_K. File name: ESkin-Natural+Light || [CLICK]
- Hair by Kewai-dou || [CLICK]
- Eyebrows by Shockshame || [CLICK]
NOTE!!! I used Eyebrow 02 /// Downloadfile name: shockshame_eyebrows02
- Eyes by CherryBerrySim @ TSR /// [CLICK]
NOTE!!! I used the first one that was avaible in CAS. It is the blue-ish one!
- Jacket by LittleMsim || [CLICK]
NOTE!!! I did costumize the color. If you want to have the exact same color,
you'll need to adjust the color!
Color RGB from top to bottom. (There are 2 channels.)
1st: R=078 / G=064 / B=112
2nd: R=041 / G=037 / B=037

You'll really need the Not Included items to make him look exactly the same.
If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask! ^-^

Do whatever you want with him, as long as you do not claim him as your own or reupload him on paysites. Mentioning my name would be really appreciated! If you use him as a base, I would appreciate it too, however... I would love to see them! :)

Check my blog for frequent updates.
[Click here for my tumblr.]

Leave a color in the comments you would like to see! :)

Have an awesome day! *wink*

Credits: All the cc and pose creators

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ravishingelite ∙ Aug 10, 2019

Kinda reminds me of Lee Minho... nice

Your psychopath Productions ∙ Aug 14, 2015

Blue or maybie neon green?

cutiecatrey ∙ May 30, 2015

i hope nobody sees this but i like a guy named Hayden in my class :embarrassing:

MelodyLovesSims ∙ Jan 27, 2015

The download button doesn't show up for me \:\(

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