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Mesh info

I made this page up to quickly inform you a bit about polygon counts aka x amount of poly. This goes especially about some of the kind of meshes I share. They are called MD Meshes. MD stands short for Marvelous Designer. It’s a handy program to create something with clothing simulation. It’s made possible to convert clothing made in there, into a sims 3 item. 

These meshes usually contain an enormous amount of polygon counts. The more polygons, the more your computer needs time to render aka realize the objects to make it properly visible on your pc. Each pc is different, so it would be nice for yourself to learn about what power your pc has.

I stand to always inform you to what the amount of polycounts my meshes contain, so that you’ll be aware about it.

BUT, when is too much? It is possible to compare it to a similair EA mesh. This means the meshes are usually double the amount of polycounts, which is indeed, insanely high. 

Some creators have their own rules on what is high and what not, some don’t even care about it, as long as the item looks good. (I kinda am like that too ;P as I suck at creating textures I heavily depend on how the mesh looks like)

In the end, it depends on what you, yourself, think what’s high for your game and what not.

To learn more about polycounts or other information about high polycounts read the topics below:

Let me repeat myself. It’s a personal opinion what’s considered high or low for some people and it all depends on your hardware as well.

Inform yourself and/or ask question to creators if you need to know something! If you’ve any information you want to share with me or a topic which could be handy for someone to read, please contact me and send a link! I’ll add it here ^.^

Have a nice day ~

[original post/uptodate found at my tumblr over here]

Sim rejected ~ uhboo.

Hello lovelies ♥.

So I usually upload sims on here, sorry for my lack of activity, but I'm working on it ^o^, however, the sim I approved myself got rejected, because I'm not allowed to approve sims myself. *sigh* I already told them that they should have told it straight away or made a real on it. It never said sims weren't allowed to be always tested first. =__='

My two sims Kyani Iro and Bace Iro were both accepted by myself too. I wonder if they will take those down now. What a wonder, I never had any 'bad download' messages and both sims have over 10.000 downloads lol. The discovery that it's now a must to be tested first surely made me less excited to publish on TSR -.-'

But oh well TSR must have their reasons to become extra careful =='

Argh, now I need to wait longer before I can upload another simm ;3;

Small explaination for krystalchhakchuakI, how to upload a sim \o/

Hey! This will be a tad easier to explain how to upload a sim ;) 

First.. my question would be, do you know where to upload/submit your sim?
If you do, good! If not, continue -> See the green button at the top of the page with the text 'SUBMIT' ? Click on that and continue to the Sim game you want. I suppose you're going for the Sims 3 one.
On the new page, you see different tab sections and I hope you've no trouble with those. As the names like "Uploads", "rejected", etc.. are quite obvious.

Next! Lets take the rules in mind ^^

Here you can read about the rules for the sims! - CLICK ME -
Make sure you read it and clearly understand all the rules. It happens that you forget about it.. it's usually not a big deal. TSR may however reject your sims3pack and not allow you to upload the SAME file again. 

Other important rules regarding copyright etc... - CLICK ME -
Take not that the creations you upload are your OWN created creatoins. It always hurts original creators to see their creations being uploaded without permission. Do not forget either.. once you upload something on TSR, it's probably forever being here. TSR may use your CC pictures etc on other sites of them like facebook.

Regarding the screenshots of your Sims! - CLICK ME -
Unlike screenshots for the story section etc. The screenshots of your creations, objects, sims etc, MUST have the 4:3 size requirement. 


Next! Lets talk about the 'File' of your sim. 

A sim is supposed to be uploaded as a Sims3Pack. The way you get a sims3pack out of your sim is easy.
You'll have to go in game and in CAS (Create-A-Sim) and make your sim, or click the one you saved in the bin for upload. When you're done with the sim, hover the portrait of your sim, and click on the 3 dots... which should be appearing. There should be an option which says something like 'Export' your sim. I'm not very sure though, my game is in Dutch... TAKE NOTE! CC which is from TSR itself, will be automatically included. You do not need to link to the original download. Well, you shouldn't delete the files in your DCbackup, which also means that the CC you used were downloaded as Sims3Packs, otherwise, you'll need to post the original link in the sim info.

IF you use CC from other sites, you'll have to make sure that either, (1) they allow you to include CC to your sim and you have the evidence for that, OR (2) you need to undress your sim from that CC, export the sim and THEN add the CC again to take pictures with. If you do it the (2)nd way, you must not forget to provide the link of the download to the original CC, because TSR keeps up to the rules "You get what you see". 

But.. I'm actually not sure if they let you CC included from outside TSR.. I do know there are many lots which do have CC outside of TSR. I'm not sure if they allow that for sims. As I only do the (2)nd way. (Well, I actually don't include CC at all with my latest sims...)

What I said about after the 'IF' is probably quite said in the rules for uploading a sim, but it's really important to keep this all in mind when uploading a sim ^^. I recommand you to use the Custard Tool. (click, goes to MTS) With this tool you can scan your Sims3Pack and see if there's anything in it you actually don't want.


Done with the above? Exported your sim? Yes?
Then, you can find the sims3pack in your My Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims3>Exports Folder.
This is the file you'll be uploading to the sims 3! Go back the the 'Sims 3 Submit' Page. I hope you remember that there was written with quite big letters, 'Upload Your Creation'. Underneath you see 2 options.. you'll be picking 'upoad from my computer', proceed! Then you'll have to upload your file ^^! 

Now we wait until it's uploaded...
There's a chance an error page shows up or something. Do not panic about that. Close the tab and go to TSR again, and again the the 'submit' page. There should be something different now...

Uploads (1)

I hope the 'Uploads' now has a new number! Click on that. Your sims should show up! ^^ If you actually see nothing... and an error popped, retry. If it doesn't work. Make screenshots of your error etc, and post in the forums of TSR. That way other site users and admins can help you out. Perhaps it's even a TSR bug they need to fix ^.^

- Next!
Click on the name of your creation. There you can fill out everything about your sim!
Give your sim a cute, funny, nice or cool description, which catches your potential downloaders eyes and write all the necessary information in the 'notes' section. Despite of it saying (optional) I don't think it is. It's a REALLY important section. Except if all your CC is from TSR.. Then you won't need to put anything in it.

It's the best to fill everything in as much as you can. Except from the 'Notes' part, you do not necessarily need to do the other 'optional' ones.

- Screenshots
There are 2-given screenshots. These were automatically attached to the sim to show how the sim will be appearing.
You need to 'hide' these two pictures! Only 'admins' can see those pictures ^-^ Upload your own screenshots of the sim!
Make sure you don't make it too flashy and don't over-edit it, because TSR and your potential downloaders surely would like to see clearly what you're uploading and what they're going to download. I recommand to have atleast 2 pics of your sim in-game and one in CAS. You can always check my Sims Downloads and see what funky stuff I did with my screenshots, haha!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If there are points you want to know more about, don't hesitate either.
I'll be filling this up with the extra information etc. If needed.

I surely used a lot of 'if' in this, didn't I? lol. I hope everything's clear and my english isn't as broke as I think it is xD
Have a lovely day!



Update N11

Hello! I wonder if people still read those blog things.. "Updates" should be quite visible on one's site.. or am I wrong? Oh well :D
I'm really neglecting my function as an artist on here, but I never expected to become one xD! I'm definitely going to change it however!
Unfortunately.. I happened to be in my senior year this year. And in a few days I've my first finalexams.

"Suki, get off that laptop!" .. No I don't wanna =3=

It explains why my uploads are very slow.. Well, it never had been "quick" anyways, lol! 
I can't wait to have finished the exams, because when I'm done I'll be going to practice a lot with creating as well as writing :D I miss it a lot to write stories with my simmies... and oh boy, I still need to catch up to the story section as well.. But no time!! Bah, bah and Bleh!! 

Update N10 - First update in 2015!

Hello, hello! It's been a while that I've been updating anything on TSR.
I'm not very active, due my senior year. I spent most of my time either studying ot working. Desptie of that, of course I have free time, but I rather spend it on playing the game, chatting and having fun ^-^ I'm filled with clothing ideas tho.. but I don't have the patience to get to clothing creating xD I'll be sharing sims though and working on stories. 

I hope you're all doing well. Have a lovely day! Keep creating and happy simming!

Update N9

Hello my little friends!

What am I doing nowadays..............

I'm working on 2 dresses, well, it's the same dress, but 2 different designs. -3-
I've been writing Endless, over and over again........... but I think I got a fancy chapter now ^-^
I'm looking at and tweaking my sims for Heavily Heavenly, while still thinking the story through..

And yes.. that's pretty much it ;o . so sorry for the late updates.. I'll give you a hug D:

Have a fantastic week! ^^

Update N8

Hello my lovely *wink* xD

I'm really slacking off with my story updates! Sorry for that >__< They will show up as soon as possible :) With Endless as priority, I'm writing both chapters. I actually only need to take the screenshots for Endless, while editing the story a bit, however, I still need to put cc back and check if my saves are still working D= .. Yes, you heard that correctly. I had uninstalled my game. Currently everything's going back! 

But first, I decided to create one Iro family member, with only Seasons installed XD... You'll see the sim soon! I hope.. 
Alright! ^^ 

Oh and you know! When I saw that the deadline for the Black and White pics were put on a later date I was like;

Oh well, I guess I'll put some more up then? :P And I see many using quite some photo-edits...
I kept myself from doing heavy edits.. so hm.. I guess I'll do one like that too >3<~!

Have a nice day!

Update N7


Currently a new story is waiting for it's approval, and heck, I love it.. now I'm busy with Chapter 15 of Endless, and damn, I love it so much too. 

I've a new dress which.. I'm not sure about if I should be uploading it on TSR or not... neh, I think I will ^^ It's a really simple one. But I've had good feedback so yea! Why not.  

Update N6

Yea. I'm not going to call it a "daily" update anymore haha. Though this one is quite on time.

Oke, so I decided to not put the sim with a massive amount of slides on this site. Instead, I'll do another one. A male. *SMIRK*
PS. I've been thinking about. putting story characters, up for download. (For example, Drew from Sudden End, or perhaps someone from Endless)
But.. maye not.. since they use sliders.. argh. OR I'll have to search for all the sliders and such. zzz

Ok. what to do now.. I'm first going to do the 3 sims first.. and start thinking of how I should order the storyline from Endless Chapter 14.
I already have a huge idea, but it has some weirdish... yea.. I've no idea how to call it.. It's going to be a mess if I do it wrong xD

ok.. OH... I still need to do a picture for the Black and White! contest. jajajaja =D

Daily Update N5?

Not-so-daily update Number 5

Hello ladies, gents and.. aliens. xD
Yea, I'm still a but behind with a lot of things. I want to comment on every piece of clothing and screenshots..
And I still want to read the unread stories. And oh, bummer, there are so many.. o________o
+ I'm also busy with writing myself ARGH. I'm currently thinking about the end of Endless...

Here's a chance of.. when the end will be.
25% in Chapter 14
70% in Chapter 15
5% in chapter 16+

So as you can see.. it may be chapter 15, but I'm still not sure.. which means.. you guys will have to wait till chapt 14 is out.


Alright! I'm soon going to publish another sim on here. (I've been publishing 3 outside TSR lol.) But.. this one on here.. will be my first and last one, that uses sliders. I used sliders, due my urge to create this sim with great detail. & The person for who I've created this, accepted it that I'll be using sliders. So that's done.

I have to find a way though, to have all the sliders for you guys to be avaible in a not so hard way.. and I'm working on that ^^

Furthermore.. I had been planning on creating a house, and I saw someone with a request, not sure if he/she's going to accept it though. I haven't heard anything from him/her. So if I'm not getting an answer soon. I won't be doing that request anymore, and start with something by myself.

I've been creating 3 clothing. 
1 - A bikini
2 - A simple dress
3 - Elsa's Coronation Dress.

Elsa's Coronation Dress, happened to be published some days ago. I'm still going to finish mine sometime, because I'm doing it for someone who had requested it on the forums. Since I've already half hand-painted the texture of my version and wasted a lot of time in it, I'm not just going to scrap it. =]

The simple dress is really, simple, but damn, I LOVE the texture. The mesh is partly modified by me ^^
The bikini is a simple texture change. =] (Not sure if I'll be publishing it though.) 

YOU KNOW WHAT. I can simply create special clothing, for myself, without sharing. LOL, somehow that feels so satisfying. Sorry, now i'm being mean xD But I love to play with photoshop and creating stuff. So yea.

Oh man, what have I typed? LOL so much.
Anyways, I'm obviously still playing the game too. Currently I'm even doing some kind of Legacy Challenge and I oughted my self to not use any cheats and all that fancy stuff. OK.


That's it for now. BYE! 

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