Three Generation Portrait 30 Poses
Sims 3 — Three Generation Portrait 30 Poses by jessesue2 — Formal/Traditional Family Portraits - 30 poses I have provided

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hensondbgamer VIP ∙ May 27, 2020

I'm so excited for these poses! Thank you so very much!

Ceicbot VIP ∙ May 26, 2020

You are so incredible!! Thank you for all that you do!! Every pose is amazing! My simmer heart is soo happpy!!

RosemaryMarie VIP ∙ May 24, 2020

This is beyond amazing, and perfect for mixing and matching poses!

Created for: The Sims 3 Creator Terms of Use

Formal/Traditional Family Portraits - 30 poses

I have provided 2 bonus poses, 22teen holding baby2 which could then make this a 4 generation portrait. Pose 12teen holding pose 13 (toddler) could also do this

*those poses linked to another snap together as designed. However to change the portrait to meet your sims family dynamic, you will need to use the moveobjects on cheat with the alt button on your keyboard in buy mode to move the poses into place.
*move all the poses into place first and then slide the seating in after using the same cheat mode

Note: pose 16teen is floating in the air for the title pic, I have corrected that issue. Also in the grandparents portrait I slid the teen in too close to grandma for the pic and their legs merge. I was trying to get them all in tight for the pic.

Teen poses - 3, 11, 12, 16, 19R, 19L, and the bonus pose 22 Teen poses do not sink into ground or furniture

Pose code users can download a file with pics and codes at

Short URL:

ItemID: 1491874

Filesize: 390 KB

Stone bench by NynaeveDesign's

Chair seen in pics is EA


a_bmit_3gen1 (grandma)
a_bmit_3gen2 (grandpa goes with pose 1)
a_bmit_3gen3teen (sitting next to grandpa)
c_bmit_3gen4 (standing on right)
c_bmit_3gen5 (leaning on grandma)
a_bmit_3gen6 (adult back right)
a_bmit_3gen7 (adult back right center)
a_bmit_3gen8 (adult back left center)
a_bmit_3gen9 (adult holding toddler back left standing)
p_bmit_3gen10 (toddler held by pose 9)
a_bmit_3gen11teen (teen sitting off end)
a_bmit_3gen12teen (sitting holding toddler)
p_bmit_3gen13 (goes with pose 12)
a_bmit_3gen14 (holding baby)
b_bmit_3genbaby (sitting on pose 14)
c_bmit_3gen15 (standing on right)
a_bmit_3gen16teen (teen standing arms down)
c_bmit_3gen17 (child with knee on bench)
a_bmit_3gen18 (adult to replace pose 9)
a_bmit_3gen19teenR (standing back on right)
a_bmit_3gen19teenL (standing back on left)
a_bmit_3gen20 (grandpa to replace pose 2)
p_bmit_3gen21 (standing in front)
a_bmit_3gen22teen (teen holding baby)
b_bmit_3genbaby2 (goes with pose 22)
c_bmit_3gen23 (sitting on right)
c_bmit_3gen24 (standing on left)
a_bmit_3gen25 (holding pose 26)
p_bmit_3gen26 (sitting on pose 25)
c_bmit_3gen27 (sitting on left side)

Credits: NyaeveDesign's

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