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PleasantJemer's Blog

I'm sorry! :(

Hi everyone. I am so sorry for taking so long to write and finish these stories. So, the real reason why I havent wrote in a long time is because I am getting The Sims 3 on Veteren's Day so I met get a discount. Veteren's Day is tomorrow and I will tell you all about it if I get the game today or in 2 weeks. So, I will see you guys in a couple of days.


Jemer Habteselassie (PleasantJemer)

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 7

Hi everyone. It's so nice to be writing again. Did you know if you want to find me and talk to me, I have a Habbo account if you have one and you can talk to me anyday. My username is HotPleasantJosh and it would be a honor if you make on for yourself because it's a teen website and it's really fun. So, in this chapter, I will have parts to it. So, here is the story.




Chapter 7: The Basics (P.1)

It is the morning of RiverView and the first person to wake up was Jemer because she had to prepare breakfast. Today's menu is: Pancakes. I like pancakes in the morning. Micheal and Natalie woke up, went to the bathroom, and went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Jemer went to the bathroom after she finished eating her breakfast. Then, she went to German to feed him his bottle. German likes his bottle. Without his bottle, he can't eat. Without his momma, German wouldn't be able to live or survive. I can't believe that Natalie's birthday is tomorrow and I need to prepare the little Natalie into teenage Natalie. I can't wait til tomorrow so that Natalie could be mature enough to be nice to her friends and family. Micheal's carreer is going normal. The last time he got promoted was one sims week ago which is he is improving. Jemer, well, she is doing great which I don't need to worry about her. I have to worry about Micheal and the kids. After Natalie and Micheal went to their occupation (school and basketball) it was Jemer and Micheal home alone together. Jemer's and German's needs were fine so it was time to bring back Jonathon. If you don't remember Jonathon, he is Jemer's SECRET boyfriend. Micheal saw that Jonathon and Jemer kissing right in front of him which made Micheal betrayed and made him very mad every single time he saw Jemer. When Jonathon came back to see Jemer, Jemer and Jonathon watched TV together and then went out to the Stadium to watch a game. But, Jemer forgot that Micheal works at the Stadium playing basketball. Then, before Micheal finished playing his game, Jemer and Jonathon left the Stadium and Jonathon went home. Jemer waited for Micheal to get out and go home with Jemer together. I wish that could happen to me and play happy thoughts with my mind.

Since this chapter is by parts, I will continue writing and it will be so much fun the next time which something is going to happen. Don't be surprised when Jemer actually writes another novel about something Micheal will get mad about.

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 6

Welcome back you guys. I am proud of being in Middle School because my Language Arts teacher told us that for our assignment, we have to write a Children's Book. But, the exciting part is that when we finish publishing, we have to go to another school and read to the 3rd graders or below grade. The good news is that I am already writing a Children's book called "The Life of The Sims 3 and the Romantic Butler." I am already writing Series #2 so I can't wait to finish that series and move on to the other one. Let's continue on Chapter 6.




Chapter 6: The First Date


I am proud of Jemer and Micheal today because they are finally going to start dating. They have only been in the house for 5 Sim days and I can't wait to see how the date goes. Guess what I made Jemer wear to her date? I made her wear something that is not casual. I made her wear a fancy white gown with a nice white hat. Micheal hates wearing formal but I made him wear a tuxedo. So, I made them go to the Art Gallery. I was thinking of going to the park but I don't want Micheal to get bored again. How could he ever get bored? I mean, his energy is high. But, the reason why Jemer goes to bed late is because Jemer starts work late. She starts in the evening and gets out like in the morning. So, I don't think Jemer will ever have time to be with Natalie or Micheal. But, she could spend time with German. Anyway, the date when fantastic. Micheal didn't fall asleep and Jemer didn't continue writing on her novel from her laptop. She never stops using the internet. I mean, she is like addicted to it. I can't believe that Jemer acts like me. Maybe because I made her to act just like me.

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys have a wonderful time reading my books and I can't wait to write about Chapter 7 which is going to be about the Basics which there might be parts in it. Anyway, have a nice time writing.




My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 5

Welcome back TSR readers. I hope you like reading my stories because right now I can't wait until November because of 2 things. 1) I AM GETTING TS3 GAME and 2) I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE TWILIGHT: NEW MOON! I am so excited. So, here is Chapter 5 of my amazing story.




Chapter 5: German's Aging & Natalie's Buddy

This is very good because for the very first time, Natalie is bringing a friend over from school named Agatha Shelly. Agatha is very smart and nice. Plus, if you were thinking of her, she is actually a total smart nerd. THINK ABOUT IT: She is wearing some dorky shoes, dorky clothes (like a white shirt with red tie and tan pants). Basically, I call her Little Miss Dork. Then, I took Natalie to the kitchen to do her homework with Agatha. I don't know why Natalie is hanging out with Agatha. I think that Natalie should hang out with people that look awesome and would act very popular. I can't really believe it that I had a pop up saying that today is German's birthday. I was like,"Finally. It's finally time for that little baby brat to grow up to be a normal kid." Yes. I called him a brat. Right after it was time for Agatha to go home, I actually told Natalie to call Agatha and tell her to come back and celebrate my little brat's birthday. It wouldn't be a birthday without a dork and a brat together. Agatha came back and then German became from a baby brat to a toddler brat which was very amusing because I was waiting for 5 real life days to get German to grow up. After the birthday party was over, everyone started eating cake. After that, Jemer and Micheal went to sleep and everything went fine. But, Natalie's energy meter was full so now Natalie was watching TV in the living room which got everyone waking up and making her to turn the television off.


Thanks for reading. Chapter 5 is about Jemer and Micheal dating for the first time and woohooing for the first time. Have a nice time.

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 4

Oh my god. Welcome back you guys. I can't believe it that I made it to Chapter 4. I am writing another story in real life about a girl named Nichole Parker that is going to get married to guest star Corbin Bleu. Nichole's enemy is marrying Zac Efron. Then, Nichole's idiot brother Johnny is marrying Selena Gomez. I can't tell you more. But, let us continue on our story which something horrible happened.




Chapter 4: Caught Cheating

So, after the park day and Jemer finishing her novel, everything else was going great. But then, Jemer saw a man that was better looking than Micheal. Then, when Micheal was off working and Natalie was at school, Jemer was home on her day off nothing to do. Then, Jemer's secret lover named Jonathon Houston, called him and asked if he wanted to come over to chat. He answered yes and came back in 15 Sim minutes. So, I commanded Jemer to do friendly stuff then if got cranky in the house. Then, came to romantic stuff. Then, they proposed going steady. But, Micheal came in right when Jemer and Jonathon did their first kiss. You should of seen the look on Micheal's face after the first kiss. He started to cry. Jemer asked Jonathon to leave and then she apologized to Micheal about what happened. Micheal forgave the apology and everything was settled. 


It's a good thing I finished Ch.4 on time. It's almost time for me to go to bed. I hope I could have some extra time to write Chapter 5 for you guys which it's going to be about Natalie bringing her friend over from school and German growing up.

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 3

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. I am so excited that I am getting the game on November 11th. Actually, since I am buying the game online, it will take 14 days . So, I might get it on November 25th, one day before Thanksgiving. Let's begin with the story.






Sorry to disappoint you. Here is the preview of what Chapter 3 was going to be about.



The whole entire family went to the park and then Micheal fell asleep on the ground. I thought Jemer was going from interesting to boring type which got me mad.Then, everyone went home and then Jemer made dinner then finished her novel. I got impressed that it only took her 2 days to finish her novel on her free time which sometime she doesn't. Well, since Natalie is a bookworm, when she becomes a young adult, on her free time, I will make her right an amazing children's novel. I hope she does. 


Once again. I am very sorry. Please forgive me.

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 2

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. If you haven't read my previous blog entires, please do that now. If you haven't, please do now. Take your time, then read this chapter. Have a nice time reading and please don't forget to comment.

Chapter 2: Moving In

Wow! Now, Jemer and Micheal and the kids are just about time to move in. I think Jemer really liked the place because she was checking out every single item in the house. Natalie liked it, too. I don't think that German liked it because he is fussy about everything. Micheal thought he rather had a mansion. I didn't had enough Simoleans to make the house any bigger. When they moved in, it was midnight. So, since Natalie had school around 7:00 AM in RiverView, Micheal and Jemer get to sleep until fully rested. IN THE MORNING... Jemer was the first person up because it was time to make breakfast for the whole family. I only had 2,000 Simoleans and I spent 11 Simoleans on serving Pancakes for the first time. Jemer burnt it but still the family ate it. Natalie went to school and German was sleeping in his crib. Micheal was the last one up and the last Sim to eat his breakfast. Micheal went straight to bed because it was a must for him to sleep. Jemer went to a restaurant and became a Chef. Jordan went right after her because he wanted to use her car. They only had one car because I didn't had that much Simoleans. So, Jordan went to the Coliseum and became a Basketball player. Now, since Jemer and Micheal both started work at the same time and Natalie had to leave the home around 8:00 RVT (RiverViewTime). So, I had to waste 75 Simoleans a day to hire a babysitter to take care of German. I named him German because I couldn't think of any name to name him.


I can't believe I just finished Ch.2 That means that on Monday, I MIGHT start writing Ch.3 about the basics of what really happened in RiverView. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment or I won't make anymore stories.

My Sims 3 Stories Chapter 1

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Don't forget to comment and say what you think about it. If you don't comment, I will not make that much of another blog post, so it would mean more if you comment. So, starting off with the story.


Hi there. My name is Jemer and lets start off by introducing the characters and meeting the Jordan Family!!!

Jemer - Jemer is an Young Adult that enjoys food and now is starting off by getting a job in cooking. Married to Micheal.

Micheal - Micheal is an Young Adult that enjoys playing Basketball so he is working in a Sports Arena training kids to do Basketball.

Natalie - Natalie is a child that lives with Jemer and Micheal as a nice family together. Also has a little brother.

German - German is Natalie's little brother. He is very fussy with things and like things his way.



CHAPTER 1: The Family Creation


It all started when I was making Jemer, the Young Adult married to Michael Jordan. So, when I made Jemer, I made her look like me. But, when it came to the clothing part, I had to make the clothing more special. NOT LIKE ME!! So when I finished with Jemer, I got started on making Micheal, I made him look like the exact Micheal Jordan. But instead where his Basketball outfit as an everyday outfit, I made him a plain house outfit. Then, I started making Natalie. Natalie is a genius so I made her a nerdy outfit. Last and not least, German. German's creation was okay. I made him look like a fussy child.

Thanks for reading Ch.1 I hope you guys comment and tell me how you guys like it.

My Sims 3 Stories

Hi everyone. Today, I am going to tell you a story about a family on The Sims 3 I want to create and what I want to happen in their life. Here, I start off by telling you the beginning of the story which is the creation of the Sim, the house building, and then I go off telling you about what's going on in the life. I may post like everyday and try to fit in some writing time into this story. So, I may start today night or I may start when I come back from my trip to the Amusement Park in California's Great America. The best place to be at when you have enough money and when you are bored and want to have some fun with people you do and do not know. So, I'll talk to you guys later and I hope you guys will enjoy my blog time and reading. Have a nice time.

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