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Hanefcik's Blog

There's no place like London...


If you ever wondered, why there haven't been anything new from me for a longer time, the answer is simple: I'm abroad to study! I finally got accepted to university to study my dreamt-of major, Japanese, and the uni is one of the best worldwide while it comes to teaching oriental languages and cultures!

I feel so lucky! Every year there are many candidates from many different countries, but only one person per 14 gets the admission letter! And one of these lucky people is me!!!

After so many years, years, when I tried to be accepted to any Japanese course-providing Polish university, I was told I wasn't good enough, not motivated enough, not smart enogh. Everyone during the recrutation procedure kept telling me that, and when you hear such things too much, you start to believe in it...

Now, in London, UK, I feel like I'm in the best place in the best time of my life. Now I feel so lucky that I hadn't been given a chance to study Japanese in Poland, because I would have never come to study to such place like London, never had the opportunity to study in one of the best oriental schools in the world, School of Oriental and African Studies, never had the possibility to meet so many different people from almost every part of the world, and never could come to Japan for the entire year as a part of my course... Now I thank God that I was rejected so many times, because I learned how to deal with defeat and can have a real joy from studying...

The only thing I'm worried about at the moment is whether I'll manage financially... Living in London is quite expensive, even without eating- and going out very often... But I believe that if you really want to do something, you will always find some money or a possible source of it. The point is to do what you really want... And I do want to finish these studies, and moreover, I really want to go to master studies as well... Have no idea how I'll manage, but somehow I will!!!

SO forgive the lack of creations right the moment, but I really have so much to learn... And the programme goes like crazy, it's been just 2 weeks but my head feels like burning already...

So happy simming, everyone, and see you probably when Sims 3 are out! I can deffiniately promise that I'll be (or at least I'll b e trying... ^_^) creating for Sims 3 as well. I even know what will be of my main interest: SHOES!!! Isn't it fabulous that in Sims 3 there will be a separate shoes compartment with so many wonderful meshes that simply wait for my recolouring and retexturing!

See you, and have a wonderful day!!!

Take care,


Pending submissions ended!

Hurray! TSR staff gave my creations the second chance and now they are approved and to be released on Aug 26. Yay! Now my will to create is back, because it was missing because of disappointment when I opened a page and each time I saw that no creations are being approved! Now I can create more and more!

Thank you, TSR staff, you're great!

Take care,


Bitter, but sweet, I hope...

As you know, it's all about Peony Floor Collection, that is still pending from more than 2 weeks. They are still pending, of course, but eventually the mail came on Thursday, where the staff lady explained to me that the floors are still pending because they look broken, it est: they are not seamless. I asked for checking the set again, because maybe the fact that pictures on TSR are displayed on the white background makes the person responsible for accepting stuff unable to see the difference - the white frame around every tile. Silence since then. But now all my creations are pending, so I'm just helpless. What to do? What can I do to have my problem solved? I can do nothing.

I hope that I'm wrong, but it seems that it's all ok when you sit quietly and nod, admitting everything the admins say. "It's not looking good", they say, and you have to obey, saying with quiet voice "Yes, master, you're right, it's not looking good, I admit, please, accept the rest of my humble creations".

But I am a perfectionist. I know, that when I upload something, it is of a good quality, because I do not upload things that I wouldn't download myself, and I have very high quality criteria. And when I hear such an oppinion about my items (that they cannot be uploaded because people on TSR have to take care about the quality of the objects to download), I get furious. What about this hair from 2005 that may have been great item 3 years ago, and now even the creator is ashamed of it? What about the ugly hair in 50 neon colours, not even recoloured properly, but only poured with colour? Grr.

So I have serious doubts whether the staff is not planning to delete my account, at least via trying to stop me from uploading. It's up to them, I must admit. So we shall see.

But I still hope it will be solved peacefully. I wish it to!!! Because I love TSR very much, I love my lovely friend I made here, BBKZ, and I just love it here! I want to stay!

SO please, TSR staff, let me be!!!


How disappointment can ruin your joy...

Hi. Today will be a sad entry. I'm very disappointed with the way TSR treats some of my things.

Since the moment I joined TSR, I really loved this site. I was charmed with great custom content and really admired all the great staff that reply to every e-mail you send to them. I used to. But not anymore.

I remember how much joy I felt when my first creation was published. From the very beginning I wanted to be a TSR Ambassador (although I still have no idea what it is... :-/), and I was really proud of every single aspect about TSR, even had a little hope that after uploading many really nice things I may be one day chosen as an SA... Now, when for over 2 weeks I see some flooring simply pending because of no reason, maybe because somebody just got prejudiced about it, I'm furious. I'm almost certain that no one ever checked the files again, thinking that they are not fixed.

I just feel helpless. I can't help it. My whole enthusiasm about creating anything disappears when I open a "Submit" section and see the 6 pending floors - the same I see for over 2 weeks!!! I just feel as if someone kicked me in my butt all the time.

And what's the most regretful? That no one cares. The staff is even brazenly lying about sending me e-mails concerning the matter. I don't think so. I work in an international volounteer association, and I do check mails all the time, because otherwise I would be flooded with them. No e-mail from TSR staff apart from the confirmation of leaving a message in the support section.

I just located my feelings and passion into the wrong direction. Again. I thought that in virtual life it's not possible, but it is.

I'm just thinking of changing the front. From TSR to Mod the Sims2. I'll do it as soon as possible, when I have some time. I really regret it, because for me there was only TSR, ever. It's where I wanted to exist in the Sim-community. So I'm very disappointed. And very sad. But I'm forced to leave. That's what I feel.




Peonies still pending. No reply from admins for over 2 weeks. Very angry and disappointed. I used to consider TSR more reliable and helpful.


Wow, over 100,000 downloads!

Thank you! I hope that everyone who downloaded every single creation is pleased with it! I'm a perfectionist, so I spend a lot of time on single creation to make it as good as possible.

The criteria which I follow while uploading my items is clear: I upload only things that I would like to download myself ^_^. Most of my walls and floors was made because I needed some specific kind of flooring or wall covering, for instance realistic-looking wall tiles or seamless natural-looking carpet of seagrass - and these creations were made for my needs, not "in order to upload on TSR".

I hope that You'll like also upcoming creations (some creations are still - have no idea why - pending, and TSR staff doesn't reply to any mails and contact attempts).

One is for sure: although I'll never become an SA with plenty of worshipers and bilions of downloads, that will not prevent me from creating and sharing my childish items with all of You!

Take care,


Still pending...

Just in brief: some of my new creations are still pending. Don't know why, just hope that it will end soon ^_^. Here is an insight of my upcoming items: Take care, Hannah


When I look at the Featured and Select Artist Area, the most visible thing is the fact that every artist specializes in particular area: skinning, hair retexturing, recolouring or/and meshing. Some also build wonderful lots and create exact-looking Sim-celebrities. It doesn't mean they don't do other things - because they do, but the main "stream" of their creativity is always recognizable. And what about me? I always wanted to skin, so I started my adventure with photographs and wrapping it all around my Sims. Then I discovered that there are so many wonderful dressess in the world that I will not be able to produce them all... and I just lost a heart for it. It's not that I don't like it, because I adore skinning, but it takes so much time to do it properly, not as some "artists" (I'm not envy or malicious - it's just a huge shock when after downloading from SA you discover a zipper on your Sim's butt...). And now I don't have so much time. But I do some clothing from time to time, maybe when some dressess pile up I decide to upload some sets... Then building lots - that's my second hobby. I prefer to create functional, well-designed living lots, with modern touch and only mine or Maxis content inside. But now, with so much additional downloads inside (unfortunately I adore hair, the most memory- and opening time- eating content in my case) the game opens in half an hour and in that time my new briliant ideas about a new lot disappear... So I learned how to create walls and floors, and now I simply adore realizing my new crazy ideas. I like modern design, as well as colourful and energetic folk style, so I try to make as crazy walls as possible. You will not find a floral wallpaper here - and even if you do, it will not resemble victorian needle-pillow. But still it's not the end of my ideas and what I want to do about Sims.... I hope to learn recolouring objects once... because one day I must create such splendid hand-painted toilet! ^_^ But I know that also because of that I will never become any SA. Being and SA is a huge responsibility with regular uploading and meeting the expectations - I'm not sure whether I could create freely in such circumstances. I remember great, now retired FA confide telling me, that preparing a regular, high-quality upload takes even up to 4 hours a day. I don't even have the access to the computer for such a time... So my dream of becoming an SA is unrealistic. And maybe that's good - because I'm sure I would be more dissappointing and embarassing when chosen as an SA, and then degradated to "normal" community member... Take care, more creations soon ^_^ Hannah

Ok, today I'm really pissed off.

Why? Because TSR rejected some of my new creations. I do not consider myself as the greatest goddess of sim-making kind, and do not think that I'm always right, because that's not true. But his time, I think I'm right. As a kid I was teached to be always sincere and to feel free to criticize stupid actions ("it's not people You criticize, it's what they do" as my grandfather always told me). The reason for rejection was: "the pattern on your tiles does not "tile" correctly, and it looks broken". Really? I checked it in game twice, and I admit it doesn't tile perfectly, because the pattern is quite complicated, but at least it gives the impression of tiling. But the funniest was the justification: "we do it to to maintain quality downloads". Oh really? How many creations from TSR actually have more failures than that? I remember downloading some hair that crushed my game, plenty of meshes that didn't work, not mentioning the riddiculous neon-green or barbie-pink hair (why the heck they let people upload SUCH horribe things?!?! where is this quality-download policy in these cases?!?!), and ending on completely non-tiling flooring, that really looked as if a yeti spewed on it. But it was all here, available for download, for everyone. I'm really pissed off. Right now I started to understand why people delete their creations from here and move to Mod the Sims 2... Here's the picture of the set which will not be uploaded by TSR staff because of it's horribility. I will not correct it - I hate smashing something that was already completed... But the point is that I really loved this set of tiles... Maybe I just add a very thin white frame around every tile - it will not look as if not matching any more. I'll do it and tell you how it worked. If they reject it also this time - then I'll report it as an example of the most riddicule and absurd action that I've ever encountered... Take care, Hannah

New creations!

At last! New creations are scheduled to appear on Aug the 6th, and my inspiration seems to be back, as well as a month of free time! Yay! But from September I will not have so much time, unfortunatelly...

Because I made it! I finally made it! After so much time, all the times I failed and feel like an idiot, I finally managed to be accepted to study my dreamt-of major, Japanese! And to one of the best schools in Europe, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London! I'm still in a slight shock - it is ironic that I'll be studying Japanese in English while I'm Polish, but it turned out to be this way. I tried in Poland so many times, but each time I got rejected from more funny reasons and considered "unapropriate", "not good enough" and "not strongly motivated". Me?!? Not strongly motivated? I dream of studying Japanese since elementary school when I saw the first anime in my life, Sailor Moon! I entered the exams so many times, and managed to make through each marathon only for my dreamt-of major, I also learned to live despite not having my dreams fulfilled. And that means not good enough? I love languages, I don't have problems with kanji, I have nice ear for languages and I have the knowledge about Japan that I build for 8 years, and that's not good enough?!? I know that there are only limited numbers of places - it can be studied only on 3 unis in Poland, and each uni has only about 12-15 places, while there are up to 30 candidates per place. But while the recrutation process favor only those with very high grades from English?

Is there any proof that knowing tricky gramatical structures from Shakespeares dramas means having heart for studying all those signs and complicated culture? The statistics show that only 75% of all accepted graduate from this major, where are these 25%? Ok, 5% would be people that were forced to quit because of some family disasters or other difficult life complications. But remaining 20% consists of people, who just lost their hearts for studying, or saw that it is more demanding than they expected. These people are the proof, that the recrutation process is wrong, and eliminates good candidates on the begining. Not only does it eliminate them - it often anihilates them. If not my parents, that can afford me studying for couple of more years and don't force me to finish studying and finding a job, I wouldn't have a chance to study Japanese whatsoever. When I think of how many people studied something they hated, and now do the job they hate simply because they haven't been given a chance to do what they like. By whom? By stupid professors (?), or somebody who makes a recrutation.

So I'll be studying in London, UK! Monogatari ga hajimaru - a Japanese phrase that means "the story (or: a tale) begins". I'll be reporting while creating in London, I hope... That would depend on my mobile computer, whether creating anything on laptop is possible and comfortable... Here I have my precious computer with everything, there I will have only a laptop, I'm not sure whether there'll be enough space even for all Sims and Expansions, not mentioning Accesory Packs... My... I wish I could take this computer with me... And - I will not have a mouse. I need to buy a proper mouse! What a pity I can't take this mouse...

And that's why I don't like changing places - you have to leave it all behind, starting from the scratch... But I know it is worth it!

See you next time, and take care, all of you!

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