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Poll results about stories

Yep... results! I have to think of a new poll again!

Poll Result:

Question: Stories, categorize them

Too many categories just sims2 and sims3 will do 30.77% (20)
I like it categorized in Series and Single stories for both Sims2 and Sims3 35.38% (23)
Categorize it in Length / Pages 15.38% (10)
It's fine as it is 27.69% (18)

Question: How often we like new stories coming our way

Every Day 20% (13)
Every other day 20% (13)
Every Week 35.38% (23)
It's fine as it is 29.23% (19)

Question: Featured on the Index Page

Change it Every Day! 32.31% (21)
Leave a featured story there for 3-4 Days 33.85% (22)
Change it once a Week 18.46% (12)
It's fine as it is 23.08% (15)

Question: How often we visit the story page?

At least twice a day! I'm an addict! 15.38% (10)
Once a Day 23.08% (15)
Oh...maybe a couple of times a Week 44.62% (29)
I don't care, so it's fine as it is! 21.54% (14)

DOT....Oatmeal Raisin Cookie....DOT

Amsterdam PG Convention - The First 10 Screens, the Comments

As some of you may have noticed, there are an aweful lot of screenshots with the same sims in them all the time of this weekend... You are correct. BUT... They are not just any, somebodies Sim. These are the 7 most powerful female Sims around. Therefor we organized a POWER GIRL Convention to be held on different parts of our globe. NOT with just a simple copy or download of that sim we can get everywhere, but with all of the REAL sims together to enjoy each others company, to laugh, learn, and share their experiences. 7 Powergirls from 6 different Countries.

To have more space, I took out the smileys...sorry...


This is the Amsterdam PG Covention.  

1.       Barb & Penelope

Penelope has arrived by train. Fred, Barb and Haagje are delighted to meet up with their friend from Germany! Penelope had a long journey! She's really eager to visit France with the girls!



Fredbrenny: This is such a great opportunity! SimJeanie's Penelope travelled a great deal to meet up with the rest of the gang. So far we have Haagje, Fred, Barb and of course Penelope herself. We would LOVE to have Tessa, by Caridina for instance, to join us!

Caridina: Wow!!! This is a wonderful idéa Tessa will love it, if I can figure out how I do it  

Simsjeanie: Oh, I'm delighted to see Penelope is making friends with the others! Oh, she will enjoy, I'm sure! For weeks she told me she wanted to meet her friends and as I see she's arrived safely ... Have some Riverview Kabinett Auslese, it's stored in the luggage waggon (or so I hope) and get "younger than ever" 

Spitzmagic: way too fun freddiekins 

Martoele: Oh, I wasn't aware that you had started already with those screenies. I've been a few days with the sims2 for a story idea and I see a lot has happened. Great!!!

2. Fred & Penelope

The Power Girls just moved into Sunset Boulevard. Both Pene and Fred love to goof around with the sprinklers. Penelope is going to France tomorrow.

Simsjeanie: Oh no! Now I'm really laughing - she  always  wanted to play with the sprinkler and badbad Jeanie always clicked it away - about 10 to 15 times a day. She looks so happy now ...

Mysteryjack1: Lucky Penelope, getting to go to France...Your sims have a very lovely garden I wish I had the same...

Caridina: Ha!ha! This is wonderful, and Jeanies comment is so funny


3. Penelope & Haagje

The house needs cleaning and Haagje took Penelope to come with her to work on the house. First it's time for coffee and sun basking...

Simsjeanie: Oh, Haagje will find out that Penelope is lazy - she'd done all self-cleaning updates she could do at home so the only cleaning she's doing is wiping the surfaces in the kitchen from time to time. But I see she's feeling at home - Haagje has the same tableware as Penelope ... Oh, what a wonderful spot to sit down and relax - with Haagje in her beautiful home! That's great!

Mangio: wow what a beautiful scene to relax in

Caridina: Lovley pic. The girls have a nice time there in the sun.


4.       Tessa arrives

The power girls are almost complete. I do miss having Veronika Storm here with us...LOL But Penelope and Barb pick up Tessa from the train and welcome her in their home!



Spitzmagic: hahahaha Tessa looks a little afraid of Barb....Now Barb I know you waited for quite sometime to meet Tessa, Take it easy there girl...LOL

Caridina: Ha! ha! ha! I love this idéa  

FreyanSam: She does look a bit frightened  What a fun idea to share your sims!


5.       Barb & Haagje

Barb is tooooo excited because of the house where the Power Girl Convention will take place. Haagje wants to check the kitchen.



Caridina: Oh, look at Barbs face 

Spitzmagic: ROFL....If this is the house I think it is i'm off to get it  

Haagje: Haagje is a control freak, so if you want to enjoy a delicious meal, the kitchen clean and ready for use

FreyanSam: 'Oh, I forgot to.. Please don't look there.' Looks like she is thinking something like that  

Martoele: Hahaha... just reading your own comment on the screenshots, you're already telling a story. 

6. Power Girls

Barb...get yourself a glass and sit with us.... I made this excellent nectar, it is just a wonderful welcome drink!

Caridina: Fantastic

Haagje: The girls do themselves well to nectar, mmm I just grab yourself a glass of wine

Spitzmagic: hahahah, yes we do that that nectar....very much...slurp...

FreyanSam: Sounds delicious, mmm

Martoele: Hey, you should really put another chair there because Cynthia is on her way as well. If she hasn't got a chair she might feel neglected and you know how she reacts now and again.

Fredbrenny: I have to pull up 2 more chairs... Guess who's joining the convention???? Cynthia and VERONIKA Storm!!!

7. The Beginning

We have 1 more room available. ell...Tessa is joining us today. That means we will be 5. Five Power Girls. Did you maybe get a hold of Veronika Storm, Fred, or shall we start without her this weekend? Fred doesn't answer. Fred forgot to invite Veronika.... maybe next time...

Caridina: Tessa is on the train and is so exiting over this meeting with the girls

Mysteryjack1: That would be so cool if Veronika Storm was there  And my Nan's called Tessa 

Haagje: After a good glass of wine are only the good discussions going, but now wait or there are good plans come true

Spitzmagic: Barb gets very excited.....

Midnight222Oh my ...... LMAO!!

FreyanSam: Hope they'll have a great weekend

Martoele: Oh, I'm afraid that Cynthia won't make it in time.

8.       Tessa & Haagje sparring

They are both equal, but this time Haagje won.

 Simsjeanie: Oh-oh ... The two of them are really good at martial arts! And they do stay friends after the combat?

Martoele: When my Cynthia is there, they all will win because it's been such a long time that she hasn't done anything to keep fit. That's of course because she has no men around the house.  She lost all of her physical skills.   

CaridinaOooohhhh.... this is so fantastic see all this pics of the girls. I see Tessas little house with the pond there behind them. It is so funny they are good at this both of them!

EleCris: Oh awesome pic Fredbrenny  wow i think i must visit china again to be like Haagje

Haagje: Oh I get it it's full moon.........

FreyanSam: Wow, great picture with the moon in the back

Glamurita84: cool


9.       Tessa's Ghost

Cleopatra... the ghost Tessa brought to the going down to the kitchen... we were all in bewildered awe... Why not use the stairs?



Spitzmagicoh that's just to funny, so that is what it's doing. I thought it lost the other half of it's body...

Uniquespecialgirl: bahahaha :L

Martoele: No need of using any stairs! Lol.

Caridina: Ha! ha! That's strange :-) It is her daugther, you know. If you let girls take pics of her it is the "dubble death"

Caridina: Ooooohhhh... I can se the pic Tessa took with her camera on the top of the hill with all the birds in China

Badangel^^^^: Hahaha :-) Looks like Tessa is watching it suffer


10.       Double dead

Cleopatra has no plans to go back to her grave yet... first there is breakfast!




Simsjeanie: :-) Oh no, I never had a clue before what this game can do ...

Martoele: I love Jeanie's reaction on this....

Caridina: Ha! ha! ha! This is so funny. A hungry ghost of a mummy :-) I see you knew it is the double dead.

Badangel^^^^: :-)If I see a ghost-mummy in the kitchen, making breakfast I would probably run away:-)

FreyanSam: And she still has the special 'mummy hand pose', looks funny




Power Girl Convention

I have got to say... this is by far the ultimate sim playing I ever did. It's almost as good...or maybe better (well...) as a new Extension Pack! I am so happy to welcome my international TSR Simfriends to the first in the world Power Girl Convention!

Thank you thank you! I welcome Veronika Storm, Tessa Singel, Cynthia Lightkeeper, Penelope Stern, Maris Haagje and my sis Barb! You make Fred very happy!!!

Here's our welcome cocktail party:


Dear story lovers!

I wrote a blog earlier about the story section. Now I have also started a thread on the forum for all story lovers to read and give their input if the waiting is for new stories to get published is too long and is frustrating you. You just want to read on without having to re-read previous chapters because it has been too long in between the publish dates. I was sooo happy to see my favourite, the Veronika Storm story by Illandrya published finally... (I know she submitted it more than a week ago, so why did that take so long?)

Please help making some noise about the story section. It needs more attention and pampering...

Now I will have to write to the Ministry of Silly walks next if nobody makes a move into the right direction. ( I love TSR...don't get me wrong...but the story section still is off...soooo...a little less conversation a little more action please!   I'll shut up now..


Story writing is fun, it's hard and takes hours to do right. It's a creative proces as well. Uploading your finished story is very exciting! And seeing them featured is fantastic! Ahhhh....Now people actually reading your stories and commenting on them is the most rewarding thing there is... but what if you have to wait for more than a week for your story to be published? You're in the middle of this fabulous adventure...every 3 or 4 days there is a new chapter. People just CAN'T wait to read the rest. You have the story ready, of course... and submit just a chapter at the time. It is all part of the fun. But what if there is a whole week of emptyness in the new story section? People eventually loose interest and we are left with a very frustrating feeling. It is just so disappointing not being able to share the creativity. I hope TSR will look into this one, this story section bit...Story section is off for months now...What happened? I don't know, but I know it's getting a bit silly now.

I want to read my favorites, like the new Veronika Storm for instance... I guess we have to make some noise to attract the attention to the story section again...

STOP THAT! it is getting too silly!

Freddie SA Brennie

I am really honoured and very thankful for being asked to join the TSR SA team. Wow!!! All the hard work...LOL...It is my HOBBY...finally pays off! Thanks for all your kind words and of course...thanks for downloading my lots and sims. One day I hope to get my hands on a 3d program, learn to work with it and make furniture! I'm a happy girl today!!!!

TSR ... what's up?

I am just wondering...

No news. Last post is January 9th

Story section is reset, it seems, but no activity for two days now.

Screenshots, yes... as usual, new screens and new featuring shots.

Of course FA and SA sections are doing good! YEAY!

I don't know, it somehow seems like TSR is hibernating. Can't blame them though... It's COLD here!

Checking in every so many hours, and nothing new. I am just wondering... what's up?


A loving TSR fan forever.... Freddie B

Have yourself a Chester Field III

Hi everyone!

I just got back from my best friends minisite. Haagje. Haagje is not very active here, but when she is (and we usually do it together), she just creates the perfect things this case, the perfect sim. Chester Field III It is all in the details. You can leave that to Haagje!

If you read my story Lobster Thermidor and Autumn Salad, you will know who I am talking about. Chester was the pater familias of the families I am still playing, and I have to say. Chester is an interesting guy to play with. Check him out, the adult Chester... here is the link:


Paintings and pictures

i downloaded one of Illandrya's beautiful houses. It was full of goodies! Beautiful paintings, gems, artifacts from around the world! It is still there, but ...

As soon as I went into life mode, the paintings disappeared. I have been talking with Illandrya and promissed her I would post a picture of the paintings showing up in the lot, but after Fred and Barb moved in they disppeared. The question now is.... is there a way we can have it ALL? Unfortunately, I cannot get the photographs back... I'm pretty, pretty sure I have seen them first time I placed the lot. but now just the paintings show. They disappear again when I move my sims back in...hmmmmmm

Here are some pictures:


         I love that house. Barb and Fred grew old, and I am going to change things around a little bit :-)

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Poll results about stories DOT....Oatmeal Raisin Cookie....DOT Amsterdam PG Convention - The... Power Girl Convention Silly...continued Silly Freddie SA Brennie TSR ... what's up? Have yourself a Chester Field III Paintings and pictures
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